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15 home accessories under £15

Credit: Becca Tapert - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

Accessories are the final and vital touches to make any house feel like a home. It’s your opportunity to make each room in your house unique and your chance to let your personality shine through.

They help to complement and complete a home and just like clothing, there are trends when it comes to home accessorising. Sometimes it’s hard to pick out beautiful things in your price range but we’ve found 15 stunning decorations that you won’t be able to resist purchasing!

  1. Chalkboard Weekly Planner
    For only £13.99, this is a must-have item for busy people who love to stay organised and see their plans written up every week.
  2. Vase With Silver Metal Rim
    This gorgeous vase is made from 100% glass and is a bargain at only £9.99. Everyone needs a staple vase in their home for their favourite bunch of flowers!
  3. Black Letter Light Box
    Light Boxes have been all the rage recently. They’re a perfect touch for your bedside table and you can write whatever you like on them. This one from New Look is only £12.99 and the perfect size for a bedroom or livingroom shelf.
  4. Faux Fur Grey Cushion
    You can’t deny that this cushion looks super soft! In a light shade of grey it will go with anything. Imagine resting your head down on this
  5. Grey Marble Hexagonal Coaster
    Marble has been an ongoing trend in interior design over the past few months and we can totally understand why. These coasters are made from natural marble stone and cost under £15! Who could say no?
  6. Hanging Glass Plant
    For only £5, these hanging glass plants will look amazing in any room. Bring the outdoors into your home in the trendiest way!
  7. Wooden Flower Stool With Hearts
    This small pine wood rustic stool is adorable and so versatile! Place your plant pots on it or use it as a coffee table or bedside table! It will add a unique touch to your home and you just can’t go wrong for £12.99!
  8. Bits And Bobs Trinket Dish
    How can you not fall in love with this trinket dish? This is the perfect accessory to add to your bedside table for loose hair clips, earrings and rings!
  9. Tunis Table Lamp Brass Effect
    This lamp is a beautiful statement piece for your home and is ideal to place on your bedside table. It has cut-out detail which adds to the overall ambience within any room of your home. Amazing value for money as well!
  10. Gin & Tonic Candle Tin
    The name says it all! Why would you not want your bedroom to smell like gin and tonic – perfect Christmas gift idea as well?
  11. Pink Flamingo Fairy Lights
    You KNOW you need these flamingo fairy lights in your life!
  12. Ombre Fleece Throw
    This stunning throw from Next is the perfect soft furnishing for your bed. Use it at the end of your bed to add a classy, cosy touch.
  13. Brass Wire Initial
    Personalise your room with a metal letter block, available in all letters A to Z. Place this on a bookshelf or your desk for a cool and contemporary look.
  14. Large Oval Shopping Bag
    If you love rustic interiors – this is the perfect item for your home! It’s a great size and you could store anything in here from bath bombs to fresh vegetables!
  15. Pineapple Bottle Stop
    This weighty bottle stop has a high-shine finish to preserve and keep the flavour of your unfinished wine! A stunning feature for your kitchen for only £12!






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