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4 ways to make cooking for one super easy

Credit: Katie Smith - Unspalsh - The Growing Up Guide

It may sound a bit depressing and lonely to be cooking for one but it doesn’t need to be. Cooking can actually be quite fun and therapeutic. When cooking for yourself, you get to choose to cook whatever you want, whenever and however you want. We’ve got some tips to help you out.

Batch cooking

It may seem a waste to cook more than you intend to eat that day, but batch cooking is anything but that. You save money and time in the long run if you set a day for cooking and cook another food for excess.

If it seems like a bit of a chore stick on your favourite playlist or podcast and you won’t even feel the time go.

Then you have enough food to freeze for another week. You could also store some of the excess in the fridge ready to take to work for lunch that week. It also prevents you ordering take away if you know you already have ready-made food – especially when you’ve had a long  day.

Just come home and warm up the food in the microwave. This habit also helps to save money and helps you to eat healthier buy not ordering take-away.

Buy a cookbook or follow food blogs

Cookbooks are great ways to give you inspiration when cooking and they don’t  have to cost a fortune and food blogs are basically free!

When you’re on your own you may find yourself cooking the same meals repeatedly and getting bored. This makes it more tempting to eat out or order a take-away.

Food blogs or cookbooks open you up to a whole new world of recipes, providing variety and they can be catered towards your cooking ability.

Buy frozen or tinned food

Food that can be bought frozen or tinned will really help to prevent waste as they have a longer shelf life.

When cooking for one, it may be difficult to finish certain items before they expire. For example, a bag of spinach only has a shelf life of a few days and may be difficult to finish by yourself within that time – unless you’re a huge salad lover.

Alternatively, if you buy frozen spinach, the shelf-life is a lot longer and you don’t have to worry about finishing it all in a couple of days. Buying frozen or tinned alternatives can really help you save food and money.

Make good use of deals

A lot of supermarkets offer deals such as buy one get one free, or say 2 for £2. You may think, you’re only cooking for one so it’s unnecessary but in fact it may help you save money.

If the items have a long shelf-life and it’s something you use or need, then make the most of the deal. For example, if margarine is on offer for 2 for £2 and the individual price is £1.50, buy 2 for £2. If need be you can even freeze the spare (providing it’s suitable for freezing) and defrost it when you need it.





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