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5 things to do now you’re a graduate

Credit: Nicolas Barbier Garreau

Congratulations, you’re a graduate! If your university experience was anything like mine, you’ve just endured the three most emotionally imbalanced years of your life thus far! High 5!

But in all seriousness, university life and graduate life couldn’t be more different. For three or four years, you have been living independently in a big city, with a friend around every corner.

Now, you’ve received your degree and you’re most likely back home with your parents, having to drive 5 or 10 minutes to get anywhere – or worse, get the bus! It really is a big shift and it’s hard to adapt to.

Everyone around you is getting graduate jobs left, right and centre – you may have even bagged one yourself! But if not, that’s completely okay! There are plenty of other things to do now that you’ve entered grad life.


Are there places that you’ve always wanted to visit? Do you want to become more cultured? Well, now is the perfect time to pack a bag and travel around the world! You’ve got a degree now, you can come back and job search whenever you’re ready. While you’re at this strange ‘in between’ stage of life, what’s stopping you from jetting off to see new places and experience new things?


You may have just completed a course in a subject that you’re passionate about but this doesn’t mean that you have any idea about the career path you want to wander down. Now is a great opportunity for you to get work experience in different industries to get an idea about what you want to do next! It also looks great on your CV.

Do something different

You’ve probably had part-time jobs in the past, in a pub or a cafe. Why not try something different and exciting? If you love dogs – why not get a job working in your local kennels? If you love flowers – go and have a chat with the florist in your village! Do something that you’re passionate about until you realise what your perfect graduate job is. You might even find a job you never knew existed.

Pick up a new hobby

Studying at university can be very time-consuming. All of your attention is focused on assignments, grades and getting a good night’s sleep and you may have lost interest in other things. Starting a new hobby is always refreshing! Learn to play a musical instrument, start practising yoga, join your local choir group. Learning something new or teaching yourself something is great for your mind. Or just pick up a hobby that you used to do before university.


If you love studying and don’t feel prepared to head out into the working world yet, going back to university to complete a master’s degree is another option. Once you’ve done your undergraduate degree, it opens you up to many other opportunities whether you want to do a PGCE and become a teacher or become a post-graduate and study a subject such as Business or Marketing – the world really is your oyster now!

Have you just graduated? Let us know what your plans are now! Maybe you want to join our team, we’d love to hear from you!





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