5 ways to make your CV stand out

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When a job opening comes about recruiters will see hundreds maybe even thousands of CV’s, many of which will just get chucked in the NO pile before they even reach the big boss upstairs.

Spell check it!

Ask any recruiter and they will tell you that as soon as they spot a spelling or grammar mistake they will just throw that CV in the bin, regardless of the persons skills. Mistakes are easy to make, especially when typing on a keyboard, but if you can’t take the extra time to check your application then why would they hire you?

The attention to details in spelling, punctuation and grammar show your attention to the job at hand. This skill is one that is valued highly by employers.

Add colour

When you first learn how to make a CV in school they show you how to set it out and drill it into you that it needs to look professional. Nowhere did they mention that professional means black and white, yet this is all recruiters see. Having colour on your CV (as long as it isn’t too OTT) or having it printed on colour paper will definitely make it stand out from all the rest – and they will remember you!

Make it creatively relevant

If you don’t want to add too much colour then get creative in different ways. If you are going for a graphic design role then play around with the design of your CV. There are loads of templates out there of CV’s that have creatively been caters to that individuals industry.

Make it interactive

Employers rarely want paper copies of Cv’s anymore as everything is done online, so why not make your CV interactive. Add your website and link it up, or get fancy with social media icons that direct them to your profile when clicked.

If you are in an industry that requires the use if multimedia skills such as photography or video then try embedding some of your work as a video or slideshow. This will not only highlight your skills with multimedia but show how you can think outside the box.

Get a recommendation

Unless you’ve had previous work or experience in your chosen industry already then getting a recommendation might not be easy. But a small quote from the manager or your boss will help boost your standing. Recommendations, especially on LinkedIn help to show that you know how to do your job, and do it well. Employers are looking for people they can trust and rely on and a recommendation will show this.



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