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5 ways to workout without a gym membership

Credit: Autumn Goodman - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

Exercise has many benefits. It’s not only great for our physical health but also to for our mental health. It releases endorphins, which make us feel better and happier. It’s great for stress-relief and can help to clear your mind. Just over 2 hours of moderate aerobic activity per week is the recommendation for adults.

But going to the gym to achieve this can be intimidating or too expensive for some people. We’ve got 5 alternatives to help you still get that vital exercise in without that gym membership


Walking is an easy form of exercise to incorporate into your daily routine. It may not seem an attractive form of exercise, especially as the UK weather is often uninviting and you’d probably prefer to snuggle up in bed with a hot drink.

But you don’t have to walk for a long time to gain health benefits. A ten-minute brisk walk is a great place to begin. If you live near enough to work, walk instead of driving. If you take the bus, get off a couple of stops earlier. Over time, you can spend more time walking until it no longer feels like a chore.


Running is also a form of exercise that can seem less appealing when the weather is wet and cold. But it burns more calories than most other forms of conventional exercise.

Be sure to have a suitable pair of running shoes that are comfy and long-lasting. Also, discovering a pretty route close to home can help motivate you on your run. For example, run around a reservoir or a park.


Swimming is a great cardio exercise. It’s also a vital skill to have and swimming pools cater to all abilities. They have adult classes ranging from beginners to experts so there’s something for everybody.

If you’re feeling self-conscious, many pools offer specific times for women only. They usually open early and close late so it should be easy to incorporate swimming into your weekly routine.

Dance classes

If the thought of exercising brings dread, this may be the best one for you. Most of the time, dancing doesn’t even feel like exercise, especially when the instructors have a great playlist.

There’s no need to worry about your level of fitness as the majority of dance classes are suitable for anyone. Exercising in groups can also help to make it more bearable and it’s an excellent way to meet new people and make friends.

Many local community centres or leisure centres offer fun and affordable classes. Grab a friend if you’re feeling anxious and have a giggle whilst burning calories!

Home workouts

This is a fantastic option for anyone who simply doesn’t feel comfortable leaving the house to workout. There’s no need to feel self-conscious as nobody is watching you. You can take your time without worrying what you look like.

One of the best ways to get the most out of home workouts is by watching YouTube or Instagram videos. There are so many inspiring and motivating fitness instructors out there, which at first may be overwhelming but over time you’ll find which ones suit you. We recommend Fitnessblender, Just Geen, Blogilates, Scola Dondo, Rebecca Louise.

Hopefully, these options can help you incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. You don’t have to stick to one of these. Mix things up and make your exercise routine more exciting to keep you motivated! If you have other alternatives, do let us know!




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