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Deciding who you should live with

Credit: Bernadette Gatsb - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

Whether it’s your new flat at university or your first apartment after living with your parents all your life, moving out is one of the most exciting, stressful and most nerve-racking times of your life.

It can be so easy to run into things because you just want to move out already. But this can lead to a lot of mistakes from picking a place you end up hating, or choosing the wrong person to live with.

Deciding who you want to live with when moving into somewhere new is really important, because unlike the colour of the walls or the furniture, you can’t change who you’re living with. You’re stuck with them until the tenancy runs out. This is why we’ve outlined your options so you can find the flatmate who is right for you.


If you need to move in with someone in order to be able to afford the rent of a decent place then picking a friend or two is a pretty common option. They’re your friends for a reasons o you must get along with them, and it will be like one big sleepover, every day, every week for a whole year. They understand you and you understand them so it’s a lot easier to live together.

But living with friends can cause some problems. The chances are you don’t know what your friend is like when it comes to cleaning, cooking and doing anything other than being your friend. They could be the messiest person ever – which can lead to a few arguments when living with them 24/7.  The last thing you want is to lose a friend because of something petty like doing the dishes.


Ok I know you want to get away from Mum and Dad but hear me out. If you have a sibling or cousin who are also looking to move out then why not bunk up with them?

Being family members you know each other pretty well, and may have lived together in the past so you know what they are like in a living situation. Plus if they’re. super messy or annoying it’s pretty easy to tell their parents who will give them a good kick up the backside for you.


If you’ve been in a relationship for a while then the next natural step is to move in together. Once you find somewhere you’ll also be able to invest in furniture together as the chances are when you move again you will still be together – hopefully.

But just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean that you should move in together straight away. In fact if you haven’t even lived alone or away from Mum and Dad you might want to move out without your other half so you can get used to the independence.

Someone new

Ok please don’t go running off to live with a random stranger you met on the internet!

But if you do want to live with somebody new then look into a flat share with students or other people in your age range. There are loads of websites and apps to help you find a room-mate – but please do check them out, meet up with them (with somebody else there for protection) and get to know them a little bit before making the decision to live with them.

Living with somebody completely new will open you up to new friendships, experiences but also keep that independence. When you live with friends or your partner you feel like you always need to be in the same room together and eat together. Where as with new people you want to give them some space which in turn gives you some space.


Shock horror I know. But you don’t actually have to move in with anybody. You can do it all on your own.

It might sound super lonely and at times it will be. But you will have complete freedom over your new pad. you can decorate it how you like. You can have whoever you want over at whatever time of day or night, and there will be nobody calling the shots on what to watch on TV.

You can be a full on girl boss and be living it up in the city, or countryside, in your own little flat.

No matter who you choose to live with, don’t rush into it. Think about all the important factors and decide who is going to fit into your lifestyle the best.




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