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Easy ways to start saving money today

Easy ways to save money today - The Growing up Guide - Via pexels
It is so easy to spend a lot more money than you might originally intend. £10 here on lunch, £5 there on a coffee and a cake. Never thing you know you’ve spent £100 and have no idea where it went.

We’ve got some super easy ways for you to start saving money today.

Get discount cards

If you are a student of any kind you can actually apply for discounts on anything from food to clothes. NUS, UNiDAYS and other websites give students the chance to sign up and get discounts on all your favourite brands.

If you’ve just graduated then don’t worry because NUS are now offering graduates the chance to order a new discount card which can last for up to 3 more year!

Sign up for points cards

If you haven’t got a points card for the shops you use the most then you are really missing out. Some points cards are better than others but even though 1 point only equals 1p they soon add up.

Many stores even offer discounts and rewards such as double points through their apps, or for occasions like your birthday.

Even if you only save up £3 there will come a day when you could really use that £3 to buy some more toothpaste or your lunch.

Check if your bank has a rewards system

Many banks have now started giving their customers rewards in the form of points or cashback when they set up direct debits, open a savings account or even just shop at certain places.

You’re bank might have a rewards scheme that you don’t even know about yet so it’s well worth having a look.

Save your change

If your purse is weighing you down with the overload of change your carrying then get a piggybank or just a small pot to put it all in. Keep doing this at the end of the day or week and before long it will be full.

After a couple of months, empty it out, count it and take it to the bank. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll save over a short period of time.

Go shopping late at night

There are two reasons for shopping late at night if you can. Firstly if you go shipping when you’re hungry then you are more likely to buy food that you don’t need. There is also a high chance it will be junk food as well so make sure you go after you’ve eaten so you only buy what you need.

If you go later in the evening you will be there during the time most of the food is getting reduced because it’s going out of date soon. Always check the reduced section first, pick up some bargains and then just chuck it in the freezer once your home. You’ll stock up on food and it will cost you half as much as normal.

Make it at home

If you work away from home it can become a habit to buy a coffee on the way to work, go out for lunch and before you’ve realised it you’re spending £10 a day on something you don’t need.

Calling all caffeine addicts, invest in a good thermos flask. Most coffee shops sell their own these days so find one you like and make your drink of choice before you head out the door.

When it comes to lunch make it the night before and leave it in the fridge ready for the morning. Or if you really want to save take the left overs from dinner the night before.




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