How to have a productive commute to work

Credit: Fabrizio Verrecchia - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

Train journeys. Bus rides. Public transport. We all have our way of getting to and from our 9 to 5. With the average daily commute increasing it can be easy to get bored on your trip into work. Well, no more. It’s time to stop staring blindly out of the window and start using that time for something useful. 

Read a book

You can actually increase your intelligence, creativity, and empathy, by regularly putting down the I-pad and picking up a book. Not only that, but if you choose a book that is related to your course or job. Learn some essential skills to help you along the way.

Do a bit of research on Goodreads, pop into your local bookshop or library, find yourself a book to sink your teeth into, and bring it along for the ride. 


Sound crazy? Maybe. But daily meditation can help to reduce stress – which will really come in handy when you’ve got a busy week.

You don’t have to go all cross-legged for mediation. Simply set a timer on your phone, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. There are a number of meditation and mindfulness apps which you can download with relaxing soundtracks.

Don’t just sit there and dwell on the stresses of the day – clearing your mind can be just as productive as working it.

Commute with a friend

Remember how you used to meet up with your school friends to walk together? Just because you’re a grown-up now doesn’t mean you can’t still do it!

Do a bit of digging around the workplace. Do any of your colleagues live near you or take the same train? If you find someone who does, don’t be shy! Ask them to take the ride with you. That way, it’s less of a daily commute, and more of a daily networking social.

People watch

Yep. All those strangers on the train? You can actually use them to be productive!

No need to be creepy or anything like that. Just simply take the time to notice the people around you. What are the headlines on the newspaper they’re reading? What are the conversations that are buzzing around. Taking the time to notice those around you could lead to some inspiration, creative ideas, later conversation topics and, if you’re feeling brave, a chance to meet someone new!

Definitely better than sitting there in silence.

Learn a new skill

It doesn’t need to be anything monumental. But what may seem like a small hobby can actually go a long way. Instead of viewing your commute like a waste of time, you’ll begin to see the time as extra practise for your new skill

There are loads of things you can learn on your commute. Knitting is portable for train rides,  language CDs can be put in the car, origami can be fiddled with on the bus. It’ll help relieve stress, as well as keep your mind active for the day ahead.

And who knows? Somewhere down the line, you’ll be able to put your newfound skills to the test.



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