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The perfect house plants that won’t die on you

Credit: Noom Peerapong - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

I‘m a very outdoorsy person and I absolutely love nature. When my boyfriend and I bought and moved into our own place, we knew we wanted to have as many plants and flowers as possible. Not only does it help to create a calm and relaxing environment by bringing the outside in, but it also creates a wave of colour that you might not have had. before

Now, I’m no gardener and I have killed many a plant in my time, but we have been in our flat for almost a year now and the majority are still surviving! I thought I should share with you which plants I find easiest to keep alive, all which need the littlest of care! Each plant is different so it’s mostly just knowing whether the plant needs a sunny or shaded environment, to be kept warm or cold and how often they should be watered.


I feel Cacti are very much on trend at the moment, with most Garden Centres and Supermarkets having an array to choose from. These for me, are by far the easiest to care for, not only do they look cool dotted around the place on various shelves and surfaces but you only have to water them once a week, if that.

If the top of the soil is dry I give it a little bit of water and if it’s damp, I leave it and that’s all they need! I tend to move the cacti’s around the house to make sure they all have their fair amount of time on the window sill with the sun but luckily, my place is quite light anyway so I don’t do this too often.

I’m loving this set of 3 and this succulent/cacti mix from Homebase at the moment, all great value too! 


I love succulents because no two are ever the same. There is such a variety and they really add a touch of personality to a room. Again, these are very easy to look after, I add a touch of water to them when the soil feels a bit dry. Usually, this is once a week but it can sometimes be more or less. Once you’ve had them for a couple of weeks, you’ll get to know how they work.

This set of 3 from Homebase is really cute and I love this assortment from IKEA. Replanting them into different pots also helps to match the colour schemes in your rooms!

Venus Fly Traps

These are a little bit more difficult to keep alive but ti’s so worth it if you can. They need to be well watered but not overwaters – Catch 22 right? Just make sure the soil is damp at all times. They look super cool though and will seriously help keep the flies away.

I like these small ones rather from Homebase than huge ones but they all do the same job!

Please don’t be scared to get a little green-fingered! It can make all the difference to your little home.




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