5 things to do on Sunday to have a productive week

Credit: Giulia Bertelli - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

We’ve all had those hectic weeks. Nothing is where it should be. You’re late for work or class. You forget an important meeting with a friend. And before you know it, Sunday night hits and you feel like you’ve spent the last six days spinning your wheels.

Well, enough is enough. It’s time to take control of your week. Sunday nights are the perfect opportunity to plan for the week ahead. So put the Netflix aside for just five minutes and try out one of these tips to make sure you have a productive week!

Check your calendar is up to date

One of the worst things you can do is forget an important date. Birthdays, meetings, deadlines, or even lunch out with friends. Bring up the calendar on your phone – or, if you’re vintage, that fancy planner with the cute pen – and make sure you’ve noted down all the important dates.

This will not only save you time and energy later in the week, but also save yourself the embarrassment of lying to your friends and co-workers.

If you’re feeling sociable on a Sunday night, it gives you the excuse to talk to friends or colleges. Double-checking an up-coming meeting can be a great ice-breaker on a chill Sunday night, and end your evening with a pleasant conversation.

Plan your meals

This little trick will save you time and cash. Draw up a weekly planner – or, if you’re feeling fancy, buy yourself one ready made, and decide what you’re going to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner next week.

You don’t have to follow this plan religiously because you can’t plan for everything. Just consider it a rough guide to keep your budget in check, your fridge well stocked, and to help figure out where you’re roughly going to be. For example, if you know you’re going to be out and about at lunch time, plan a lunch box or some food money. It will make life feel so much smoother!


This is probably the most boring task you could possibly do on a Sunday night. But trust me, your whole week will be so much better if you do it.

Write a quick list of all the outstanding admin that you have to do. Not the essay, exam, or paperwork. The little things. That email to your boss that you keep putting off. That text to a friend. That bit of filing on your desk. All of the little bits and bobs that life has a habit of piling up when you’re focusing on the big tasks.

Once you have your list, go through it and get it done. It’s so easy to let these things hound your week – so slap on your favourite T.V. show, finish them off, and feel that weight lift from your shoulders.

Do your chores

This might make you feel like your mum, but mother’s know best! Go around the house and do your chores. Clean your plates. Make a bundle of washing to put on in the morning. Tidy your bedroom.

You’ll be doing yourself a favour, and if you have any surprise visitors during the week, you’ll be making a great first impression! Just doing one of your usual homely chores will help you feel like you’re starting your week with a clean slate.

Recognise what you’ve achieved

This is the most important Sunday night preparation you can do. Think back to the previous week and ask yourself: What did I achieve?

It doesn’t need to be anything monumental – just think about the little things. Did you study for more than three hours this week? Have you networked with anyone new? Did you take steps towards solving an outstanding problem in your life?

By taking the time to recognise how much you have done, you will not only realise what you have left to do, but will also be a good indicator as to how productive you are.

There might have been a time where you could have been more productive. Or a situation where you could have planned ahead. Taking a moment on your Sunday evening to reflect on how you have been, and what you can do to improve, will help you to reach your full potential.

But don’t get too critical – we’re all guilty of being a little lazy now and then. We’re all trying to improve!



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