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What to wear for an interview

Credit: Jaroslaw Ceborski - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

So congratulations – you’ve landed yourself the interview! Whether it be your dream job, university or college, this is where you must give a good first impression. From body language to how you’re dressed, there’s a lot to think about for an interview. We thought we’d take the pressure off and share with you some of the best pieces of clothing for an interview, so let’s get started.

Formal/smart casual is a must

Depending on the job,  I always stick with something that is formal and smart but something that shows who I am as an individual. I’d opt for fitted pants with a tucked in shirt as this gives off a professional edge while allowing you to be comfy. If you feel uncomfortable your interviewer is likely to notice. Sticking to a budget? Primark does a great range of workwear styles, from classic black to edgier looks.

Add colour

It’s good to dress in a way that shows the interviewer that you’re unique. Don’t be afraid to express your personality but make sure it’s done well.

As someone who expresses themselves through clothing, interviews are the place where it’s difficult to go all out. Be mindful of what type of job it is and apply that to your general style.

Make a statement with what you wear because it will make you stand out to the employer. You will be surprised at how difficult it is to remember 16 people after an interview who all came dressed in black so don’t shy away from adding a dash of colour to your outfit. Asos have a great range of workwear dresses.

Shoes make all the difference

Appearance is something that employers pick up on during an interview. Your shoes play a big role. They’re another way of conveying your personality. My advice is – you should always stick with a simple and classic style.

Wear shoes that make you look smart and professional. Clarks do a great range of work shoes.  If you aren’t a heel lover try a loafer style because they are comfortable, practical and show your professional side, plus they have a trim detailing, adding a bit of personality to your outfit.

Look neat and tidy

You don’t want to be that person that walks into an interview with last nights dinner, the neighbours cats, and god knows whatever else all down you!

Make sure your clothes are clean and neat before you leave the house. For interviews, I suggest taking a light jacket as a backup just in case you spill anything on your journey or if you get a bit chilly before the interview. I like to keep a lint roller in my bag at all times, they are a handy thing to have and they’re inexpensive so you should consider investing in one!

Walk in with confidence and a smile

This is the best thing you can wear. If you walk in feeling positive, it will help a lot. As long as you’re wearing something comfortable and practical, you’ve ticked all the boxes for making a good first impression!

I hope this has been helpful and good luck if you have an upcoming interview! I hope you are successful and turn up making the best first impression possible.



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