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Why you need an organiser planner in your life

Credit: Anete Lusina - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

Organiser Planners are the perfect products for any career where planning and writing are essential.  Whether it’s for office duties, planning and scheduling blog posts, business meetings or university assignments, these light and compact planners, are great for helping to make your life more structured – and the best thing is, you can reuse them over and over again.

You can buy organiser planners from most stationery stores such as Paperchase and online at Amazon and Ebay.

Filofaxs are one of the most highly recommended, but can be quite costly, so where you buy your organiser planners, really depends on how much you are willing to pay. I like to try to save money wherever possible and I managed to find a planner for only £3 from Tiger.

Most planners come with a ring binder and hole punched paper. There is also usually a business/debit card slot section at the front and document slots.

Planners are great because they are almost always made from sturdy and high quality fabric. They have a thick cover designed to handle weight of paper or contents of your planner.

They also come in all sizes but the most common is A5. This makes it a really functional product, as it can easily fit into your handbag and saves you having to carry any extra folders or notebooks.

Struggling to find a planner that fits all your needs?

An increasing problem I’ve seen in organiser planner reviews is that people may not always like certain page features or designs.

If you can save on the exterior of you planner then you’ll have more money to spend on buying the features you want and making your planner personalised to you.

You can buy the pages you want individually and in variety of sizes depending on the size of your organiser planners. Etsy is a great place to find different pages and layouts for your planner. Paperchase also do they’re own versions such as 2017-2018 Mid-year Organiser Refill Academic year for £3.

 Let us know what organiser planners you use and recommend!





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