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How to make your home look more grown up

Credit: Neon Brand - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

Now that I am going into my late 20s, I felt it was time to make myself and my lifestyle a little more grown up. I definitely had to start with my home, making little changes to suit the more grown-up version of myself.

Updating the colour schemes and themes

For me, this was the most important. I wanted my house to feel like a home, somewhere I felt safe and relaxed but a place that I could be proud of as well. Everyone is different and I completely agree that we should express ourselves in as many ways as possible so no, we won’t all like the same colours and prints but let’s make it work for us, yeah?!

When my boyfriend and I moved into our flat, we had the luxury of starting afresh. We chose to paint all of the walls a magnolia colour with white ceilings and white skirting boards, this automatically brightened up the place but it also made it feel warm. We then planned pops of colours and certain furniture in each room to make them unique, for example, our living room has bright blue and green coloured cushions on the sofa and a big faux fur throw for those cosy nights ahead. We have a pale blue feature wall in our kitchen and our utensils match this beautifully. In our bedroom, we have a wallpapered feature wall that looks like a fake white brick wall and it looks incredible! When I walk into my flat, I honestly feel like a grown-up couple lives there.

 Revamp your furniture

It’s time to say goodbye to the bean bag and the odd furniture that doesn’t match. I found this one of the most exciting parts of redecorating my home, I’d spend hours online looking up different designers and pieces that I’d love to have in my home. We made a list of furniture we would like in each room and then found some options online, we would put the pictures of the items close together to make sure they looked right together and then made the decision whether to buy it or not. I’m so happy with all the pieces in my flat so far, they’re all different but well suited to each other and us.

You don’t have to go out and buy all new furniture though, it’s amazing how a new coat of paint can make a piece of furniture look brand new and stylish. Also, it’s all about the positioning. Don’t be afraid to move your furniture around until you find what makes the most room, what looks the most balanced and most importantly what works for you, it’s your home after all! I think buying some more adult items such as plants, rugs, photo frames can really make the difference.


I am a firm believer in the phrase ‘Tidy home, tidy mind’. Again, little changes can really make a difference. For example, I never go to bed without making sure I have washed the dishes and put them away. Every night, I spray Febreeze the sofa and curtains etc to help them smell fresher. No more clothes on the floor for us, we now put them neatly away in our wardrobe. It may sound sad but buying really nice coat hangers actually helps to stay organised! You know you’re an adult when you’re excited about coat hangers!

In order to make your room look more grown up, you have to be willing to put away some of your favourite childhood things. I mean, I’m one to talk, on our guest bed currently sit Belle, the Beast and Mrs Potts and Chip from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast but like I said, I want our personalities to come across in our decorating! However, this doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of everything! Keep a favourite item out and store the rest away (I currently have 3 big boxes full of ‘memories’ in my mum’s loft!).

Every 2-3 months I have a declutter of all my clothes, shoes, handbags and knick-knacks around the home. It keeps the place looking great but also makes way for new things to come along. Dusting, polishing and hoovering can be a bore and are my least favourite jobs. But doing this 2-3 times a week instantly makes a happier and cleaner home and also gives you more ‘me’ time as you won’t have to spend days on end doing this.

Making a house a home is a special and exciting time, most importantly you have to love living there. Don’t be afraid to use bold colours and prints, buy quirky furniture and have statement pieces. It’s your home!

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