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Why is uniform still a thing in the modern workplace?

We live in a modern society where everybody is able to obtain equal opportunities, so why is there still outdated uniform rules? Chloe Salins shares her views.

Credit: Kris Atomic - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

Modern workplaces are developing massively. Less people are in the office and there’s more technology is moving in to fill the space. But what surprisingly hasn’t developed much are uniform rules. We seem to be stuck in our ways and it’s time we changed things up.

Uniform rules are normally enforced to promote a good corporate image. Everyone should look like a team, a professional team at all times. But we also shouldn’t feel discriminated against for what we can and can’t wear.

You’ll have seen in the news and on the internet over the past couple of years the issues with heels as a uniform rule. Many workplaces have said that high heels are to be worn unless there are health and safety concerns. But why should this be a requirement of the job? Workers shouldn’t have to be sent home and risk losing their job because they would rather wear something that is comfy yet still professional. Surely the heel height of a shoe shouldn’t impact how capable a member of staff is at doing their job.

Similarly dressed and trouser suits have become another problem for the workplace. Not everyone feels comfortable having to wear a dress all the time to work. Women should have the ability to choose what they want to wear in order to feel comfortable and confident. Where is the professional impact if one day they decide to wear a trouser suit rather than a work dress?

The uniform rules must apply equally to both genders. We shouldn’t allow one gender to have more freedom with the rules than the other. It should be remembered that the uniform available for women in an office tend to enforce stricter guidelines for uniform such as the length of skirts, colours and even how hair should be styled. Unless there are healthy and safety concerns I don’t believe we should be so restricted in what we can wear. Unless it goes over the boundaries of being professional we shouldn’t have to feel so restricted in our job.

In June 2016 Parliament announced that they were working towards breaking the restriction between genders. By abolishing the wage gap and also helping to remove the differences between genders in the workplace.

By 2017 we should be so much further than where we are within the workplace. But we’re not. In August of this year the Philippines banned high heels in the workplace. After many requests and discrimination for too long they scraped the need for high heels in the hope others would happen. If other countries can do this why can’t we.

It is unacceptable for us to live in a society where we are still so restricted. 

Let us know how strict are the uniform rules in your workplace and what do you stand on the issue?



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