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How to feel more comfortable with period sex

Credit: Becca Tapert - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

Being on your period doesn’t stop us from doing day to day things like going to work, doing the shopping or having a bath so why should this mean that you can’t enjoy your weekend with your partner or whoever for that matter? Period sex isn’t as gross as you may think and with these tips you can feel that bit more comfortable with sex when it’s your time of the month…

Make sure you trust your partner

The discussion should happen prior to ensure your partner understands that this will be a “messy round.” If you’re with someone fab, they will understand and try to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Have a hot shower first

Before you get down to business, have a hot shower or a long soak in the bath. This will help you feel better, relaxed and clean. If you get started straight away, it will be less messy for both of you.

Use a condom

When it comes to this time of the month, using a condom might help and make the situation less messy and awkward. Sex can be very enjoyable even when you’re on and can actually help with period pain. When you’re with someone who understands, they may wish to use one anyway meaning it can be sorted and cleaned up quickly afterwards.

Lay a towel down

If you’re conscious about the mess it may leave behind, lay a towel down on the bed, you can pop it in the washing machine afterwards.

Be confident

Sexual intercourse and your period are both natural. You are not alone. Your time of the month shouldn’t stop you from enjoying sexual pleasure and if you’re with someone you think is good for you then why should your time of the month stop you? It’s your fabulous body, own it girl!



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