Moving Out Relationships

Are you ready to move in together?

Moving in together - Pexels - The Growing Up Guide -Spoiler. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to knowing when it’s the right time to move in with your significant over. But there are a few things you should consider before you take the next big step in your relationship.

How long have you been together?

This is probably the biggest thing to consider. Although couples have moved in together after knowing each other only a few months, the longer you have been together can really make things easier when making the move.

Once you have been together for a year or two you probably know a lot more about each other and have spent longer than 24 hours together. This will make the change of spending time together 24/7 a lot easier.

What do you both want/need?

Sometimes moving in together can be the next logical step in a relationship but it isn’t always the right one. Depending on what you both need and want from life and your relationship it might not be the best thing to do just yet. If you want to focus on your career then moving in with someone and not having your own space might not help you achieve this.

Can you afford it?

Moving in together might sound like the cheaper option because you half the bills and food but there are a lot of hidden costs than come with living with someone else. You use more water, electric and eat more food for one.

How will it affect your day-to-day life?

Moving in together might mean you moving in with them, them with you or moving somewhere completely different together. With this comes the change of scenery which could impact your day-to-day life. Think about how you will get to work, university, the shops and whether or not it is something you want to change right now. Maybe you need to wait until you can drive or a job comes up in the area you want to move to?

Are you both ready for the commitment?

As horrible as it might sound are you ready for the commitment of a minimum 6 month tenancy agreement? Although you might think your relationship is stronger than super glue, moving in together can really test a couple. If it all goes tits up well you’ve got to stick it out until your agreement it up, or find somebody else to moving in and split the bills. Be realistic and think if you relationship is ready to be put to the test.

All couples and relationships are different though and there may be different circumstances which means you have to move in together but remember it’s not something that you have to do until you are both ready for it.



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