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Why dating a colleague might not be such a bad idea

Credit: Raw Pixel Com - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

I’ve been there! Yes, I dated my colleague. And well, I even married him! Eight years on, we’re still happily married. Some people might tell you that it’s a BAD idea to date your colleague. I’m here to tell you that it’s so not the worst idea in the world! But why not?

You get to know their bad habits

I was in a small team of only men, so I witnessed my fair share of farting and burping and yep, I still dated one of them! We had a sort of ‘head start’ on most other relationships because we never had that awkwardness of him burping or farting in front of me for the first time.  It was almost a given!

Sometimes it’s good to talk about work

You get it off your chest to someone who actually knows exactly where you’re coming from.  Instead of nods in the right places, you sometimes find a solution together.

You get to flirt at work!

This is especially exciting in the early days when no one else knows what’s going on and it’s so much fun!

More motivation to get up on a Monday

Or any day really.  Trust me, it makes a difference when you know you’re going to get that little buzz of seeing them the next day, or even after seeing them the previous night and having that little secret until it’s all out! But it’s not all about Monday… It’s the excitement as you get closer to Friday when you plan what to do over the weekend!

But when you’re dating your colleague, it can pose challenges…

Maybe you just want some time out

Sometimes it can get too much when you’ve spent time with your now official ‘other half’ all week. But maybe they don’t want that timeout and you could begin to feel claustrophobic in the relationship.

Trust your colleagues?

Do you trust your colleagues enough to confide in them when you need to? You know, those little chats about how everyone has a ‘bad date’ or ‘we had an argument’ chat over a cuppa with your colleague and then your other half overhears or gets upset. It has the potential to become slightly awkward.

Things can go wrong

Maybe the most obvious thing about dating your colleague is when things go wrong, that can be uncomfortable for you both and for your colleagues. Things don’t go wrong for everyone who makes the decision to date their colleague though! Like I said, I married mine!




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