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Where to shop for budget home decor that’s still Instagram worthy

Credit: Tim Wright - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

There’s nothing worse than #homewaregoals. Now, hear me out. Homeware goals can be great inspiration for designing your dream home. They can help you decide on colour schemes and aesthetics, and they can motivate you into creating a space you truly love. But for those of us on a mid-to-low budget, they can bring nothing but envy and longing.

So if you’re like me, and are desperately trying to resist splashing out on the latest high-end palm leaf cushion cover in an attempt to live like Kate La Vie, you’ll be browsing the low-budget interior stores this coming autumn. But where are the best spots to go for the homeware bargains? And when is the best time to go for those stylish autumnal essentials?


The H&M home department in one of retails most un-discovered gems. With every style possible catered for in their expansive yet in-expensive homeware section, they’ve got you covered – whether you’re looking for rustic charm or glamorous metallics.

Their price range spans from the high – £30 – to the low – £3 – and their reduced shelves are not be messed with. So many beautiful seasonal items can be found in H&M, and if you know where to look, you’ll be bagging them up for a great price too!

The Range

Arguably considered the ‘mum’ of all homeware stores, The Range is a more small town classic, but is definitely branching out to the bigger cities in time for the new season of interior style.

If you’re looking to do a ‘big’ homeware shop, this is the place to be. From unique and exciting new decorative items to practical indoor & outdoor furniture pieces, they’ve got your new house sorted in seconds.

The best part: it’s mum-friendly branding means that it’s escaped the influencer-hype and it’s prices have stayed low. Without big blogger names hyping it up online, it has remained as low-budget as possible, but genuinely carries some true bargains inside. Plus, it comes with a built-in cafe for those mid-shop coffee stops to keep you going during your stay.

TK Maxx/Homesense

There are more Homesense succulents currently in my house then I care to admit. With their standard £-.99’ pricing, they’ve got some seriously low prices for some beautiful homeware pieces lurking in their interior department.

With their candle section alone spanning almost two aisles in the larger stores, with a selection of huge three-wicks being snatched up for under £10, it’s definitely the right destination for that cosy feel shop.

From mirrors and duvet covers to decorations and seasonal goodies, it’s the best place for those ‘finishing touches’, as well as the essentials, and the bargains just keep on coming. For once, you can trust the slogan: Big Labels, Small Prices.


You’re definitely going to have to trust me on this one. Scandi Supermarket ALDI has recently re-stocked it’s homeware shelves, and although the majority of the finds are online, there are still some beautiful bargains to be found in store too.

With quirky and practical designs, their interior style matches that of IKEA but for a much lower price, making it extremely friendly for students and millennials to enjoy.

Most impressive for me, the typically pricey rugs are being offered for less than £15 and come in such a range of elegant colours, it’s hard to ignore! So instead of just picking up your weekly shop, next time you’re in ALDI, don’t forget to have a rummage through their homeware sections too – who knows what you might uncover!


A true staple of the interior shopping experience, the Wilko home collection is one of the most modern, low budget selections around. With some surprising and fantastically low prices, it’s got to be the first stop in any homeware retail experience – for picking up the essentials as well as the decorative.

Not only is it considered a ‘discount shop’, for the quality of products you can take home, it is incredibly good value for money. It’s bakeware and kitchen section, in particular, is yet to be beaten, and there are so many cute and fashionable interior accessories to choose from in terms of soft furnishing and homeware.

Low budget interior styling is a challenge that every homeowner should rise to, and it’s the perfect excuse to spend hours on Pinterest browsing your favourite styles for less! So get creative and broaden your horizons for your homeware shopping on a shoestring this autumn!




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