Books all girl bosses need to read

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Whether you’re just starting out in your career, or hitting the high rungs on the corporate ladder, being a girl boss isn’t easy. There are many pitfalls that we can fall into, no matter how carefully we tread. And sometimes, we can’t help but let out a frustrated sigh and put our head in our hands.

But enough is enough! Time to hold your chin up high, and get your nose stuck in a book. Stories, both fiction and non-fiction, are a perfect way to learn what it takes to be a girl boss. What to avoid, what to improve, and how to survive in the world of big-wig bosses.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up five must-reads for any woman looking to exceed expectations. Get your library card ready, because if you want to be the best girl boss, you need to get these books!

You are a Badass – Jen Sincero

Credit: Goodreads - The Growing Up Guide

Have you ever self-sabotaged? Cut corners, just to make your life easier? Or thought that you couldn’t achieve everything you wanted to? Well, You are a Badass by New York Times bestselling author, Jen Sincero is the book you need.

With bite-sized, insightful chapters, Jen teaches you how to become the best self you can possibly be. Not only will she show you tips and tricks on improving your self-esteem, but with a healthy dose of her wisdom, you’ll find yourself succeeding in ways you never thought possible. Check out the book on Goodreads here!

All That She Can See – Carrie Hope Fletcher

Credit: Goodreads - The Growing Up Guide

This isn’t just another chick-lit. This is a bakery book with a wonderful twist.

The protagonist, Cherry, can see what others can’t. And she uses this power to run her own bakery, improving the lives of those around her. Despite the shenanigans that happen, there is no denying one thing, this book is about a woman who found her special talent and found a way to use it. She is a businesswoman, and she knows it.

The story of Cherry is funny, insightful, well-written and heartfelt. A perfect fictional read for any girl boss looking for their own hidden talent! Check out the book on Goodreads here!

#Girlboss – Sophia Amoruso


An obvious choice? Maybe. But it’s obvious for a reason – it’s just that good!

From high school drop-out to high-flying CEO, Sophia Amoruso lays down the truth to her success. Her frankness in the face of hardship, advice on management, and behind-the-scenes stories, are an inspiring tale for any girl boss working from the ground up.

Doesn’t matter how popular you were at school, or how beautiful you are: Sophia Amoruso’s book will show you just how to excel at your chosen path in life. Check out the book on Goodreads here!

Today Will Be Different – Maria Semple

Credit: Goodreads - The Growing Up Guide

This is a heartfelt, hilarious novel, that any domestic girl boss can relate to.

It follows Eleanor – a woman who just wants her day to go right, but everything always goes horribly wrong. Balancing life, work, relationships, and a past self she would rather forget, it’s hard not to fall in love with Maria Semple’s honest writing.

Sometimes, you need to accept your past before you can show yourself to be the girl boss you know are. And this book demonstrates that in a wonderful, genuine way. Check out the book on Goodreads here!

The Confidence Game – Maria Konnikova

Credit: Goodreads - The Growing Up Guide

You’re probably already asking: How can a book about con artists help me as a girl boss?

And the answer is simple: The Confidence Game by Maria Konnikova isn’t just a book about the art of the con. Chapter by chapter, she discusses the methods of persuasion. How you can help to influence those around you or make yourself act like the confident woman you know you are inside.

With hilarious and heart-breaking stories of white-collar criminals in between, The Confidence Game is a book girl bosses will love. And who said crime doesn’t pay? Check out the book on Goodreads here!



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