When you should start worrying about grey hairs and wrinkles

Ageing is going to happen to us all no matter what, but when should we start to really worry about it all? Carol Cameleon shares her words of wisdom...


When I was in my early 20s, I got my hair highlighted. I liked the result and it suited me.

I moisturised my face, arms and legs every day after a shower with normal run-of-the-mill cream and my skin was near enough blemish-free.

Along with the occasional alcoholic drink, I would drink a fair amount of water and I looked pretty good.

It turned out that when I fell pregnant, my skin reacted to the patch test of the hair dye (blame those hormones!) and with the whirlwind of the new-mum days, it was a while before I thought about getting my hair dyed again.

In fact, I never bothered.

Over the years, I inevitably lost sleep, as a new parent does, BUT I still moisturised, albeit with more ‘specialised’ creams now; and due to my complicated pregnancy and an aggressive UTI, I practically drank water by the gallon!

With all this going on, life ticks along and you don’t always notice the grey hair and wrinkles creeping up. Oh, but they do.

I could plaster myself with makeup and spend a small fortune on my hair every month. But I don’t. Instead, I embrace all of this… The lines are slowly but surely forming into wrinkles, and the greys are taking over!

Over the years, I’ve become less concerned about what people ‘see’ on the outside and more concerned about being ‘me’ on the inside. I’ve still got my sparkle, wrinkles and all!

So, when should you start worrying about wrinkles and grey hairs?

My answer is, probably in your early 20s. This is when you make a special effort to moisturise and drink more water, you begin the groundwork and you can reap the benefits later in life.

My hair is slowly going grey and my lines will soon be turning into proper wrinkles but it’s life and I’m happy in my own skin. But I looked after myself when I was younger and my skin and hair thanks me for it now!

Make the most of your child, stress free life whilst you can and take care of your skin. It will make all the difference in the long run.




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