What to wear at a wedding

Credit: Pete Bellis - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

Everybody loves a good wedding. It’s a chance to celebrate a special event with your friends and family, have a nice day out and maybe even bump into a former crush. But with this special event comes the nightmare that is finding something to wear. You don’t want to upstage the bride, but you still want to look on point. We’ve got you covered though so no need to worry.

Let’s talk those colours

Well first things first it’s not acceptable to wear full on white for obvious reasons. We do not want to upstage the bride now do we? The only acceptable circumstance to wear white is when it’s worn as a top with a different colour/print bottom or vice versa as an accent colour to an outfit. Take a look at this Zara top and culottes combo for some inspiration.

Wearing black can be done without looking like you’re going to a funeral. Break up the look with colour or bold print,  in the form of clothing style or with your accessories. Wearing a patterned print such as a broderie anglaise can make it look less depressing with a feel of elegance and a summer look you’re sure to get away with this in style. Check out this floral print from Dorothy Perkins.

High Street vs Online

Try the unexpected. For example you may think Marks & Spencer is just for your granny but no that’s not the case. The Per Una brand is aimed at  the younger age market and the prices are very reasonable.  Showcasing a range of separates and dresses you are certain to find something, even better if you can hold out till the sale! This floral print dress is bang on trend and for just £50 I think this will stand out from the top end designers.

Online brands Asos and Missguided have a “Wedding Guest “ section also look under “Prom”.  Offering a broad range you can narrow your search from skirt and top combination to dresses to size and colour. It’s a great way to find an outfit in the comfort of your own home. Word to the wise though look and order well in advance if it’s £20 it’s generally that price for a reason ie quality. You want to make sure you get chance to try it on and see if you like the feel of the fabric and the fit of the outfit,therefore giving yourself chance to find an alternative if needs be.

Things to remember

Wear shoes that are comfortable. You have to stand around a lot at a wedding before it’s time to hit the dancefloor. I would always be tempted to go for comfort and wear them before the day. It’s and  old school rule but oh so true…

Use Pinterest to pre style your outfit. You will find lots of fashionistas giving you the low down on how to wear that must have tulle skirt for a wedding. Write something as simple as “How to style a tulle skirt”  into the search engine and hey presto see what comes up. You may also find links to dressmakers on there as well. A win win for all…

Whatever you choose for your outfit choice if in doubt ask your bestie for a second opinion preferably one you trust. You’re on someone’s wedding photos on the biggest day of their life, which will no doubt get shown around to 100’s of people, if not more with social media, so make sure you get the look right. All that’s left to say is Happy hunting and enjoy.

Words by Nicole Borneuf 




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