15 tips for people who can’t sleep


Lately, I have often found myself laying in bed wide awake, staring at the ceiling, waiting for my alarm to go off and when I have a busy day at work ahead of me, this isn’t ideal. I decided to make a few differences to my lifestyle to help me drift off into a relaxing and undisturbed sleep.

1. Turn off your phone

After around 7/8 pm, I make the decision to turn off my phone and not check social media. Once I get checking, that’s it – several hours have gone by. By not checking my phone, it gives my brain some relaxation time and gives my little eyes a break.

2. Bath time

I absolutely love baths and there’s nothing I enjoy more than a long hot soak in a bubble bath. This just helps to completely relax and unwind, especially if you use products specially designed for stress release and muscle relaxation etc. I also love using products that have lavender and chamomile in.

3. Candle

My home is filled to the brim with candles, I adore them. In the bedroom, I like to light a lavender candle to set the mood and fill the room with soothing and relaxing aromas. I also use a pillow spray which I swear by, it all helps to create a relaxing environment.


4. Keep track

It’s a good idea to keep track of your sleeping pattern if you are having trouble because it can identify activities that help or hinder a good night’s sleep and it’s useful for your doctor or therapist, should you decide to see one.

5. Regular bedtime routine

Find activities that help you unwind before bed and stick to the same schedule. I like to come in after work and crack on with some washing, ironing and cooking. After dinner, I have a bath, clean my teeth and get into bed. This normally means I’m in bed around the same time every night, establishing when my body can sleep.

6. Use the bed appropriately

Bringing work into the bedroom is a definite way to discourage sleep quality. Use your bed wisely!


7. The right mattress

Sleeping on the wrong mattress and uncomfortable bedding has been linked to poor sleep quality. Although mattresses can be expensive, it’s worth investing in the right one – we spend a lot of time in bed in our lifetime!

8. Exercise early in the day

Getting up early and exercising not only sets you up for the day but also make the day seem longer making you more tired for bedtime. If you can only get to the gym after work, make sure you finish your workout 3 hours before bed so your body has sufficient time to wind down and relax.


9. Limit caffeine

I know it’s hard but you’ve just gotten do it! After a rubbish nights sleep, we all feel the need for caffeine to keep us awake and alert during the day but this can lead to problems at bedtime. Try having caffeine earlier in the day making sure it’s out of your system before you hit the pillow.

10. Go outside

Exposure to natural light during the day promotes a healthy lifestyle balance, which can help us get to sleep later in the day. Staring at a computer screen all day is no good for us, at lunch try to get out and about with some fresh air.

11. Avoid large meals and don’t drink alcohol

Big evening meals pre-bedtime can cause trouble, it’s best to let your food fully digest before falling asleep. Alcohol can disturb sleep cycles so it’s best to drink it with your evening meal and no sneaky nightcap!

12. Hot drink

I love to have a hot drink before bed, it warms my tummy and just relaxes me. Herbal teas such as chamomile and green tea help to detox your body and mind getting you into a better head space before bed. Hot milk is believed to help as well, hot chocolate is probably a more popular option though!


13. Nap the right way

We all need a little cat nap now and then but be sure to limit it to 20 minutes, any more and your body and mind start the routine for a good nights sleep. Napping anytime after 4/5pm can also be bad as it will be harder to fall asleep at bedtime

14. Dim the lights before bed

Exposure to light between dusk and bedtime might affect your chances of a quality sleep. Dimming the lights as bedtime draws near can help your eyes to adjust to a darker atmosphere and reduce lights’ effects on our nervous systems.

15. See a doctor

It’s easy to say do all these tips and you’re guaranteed a restful sleep but I know that’s not the case for many people. If you’ve tried everything and nothing’s worked, it might be time to consult a professional; this could be a doctor or a therapist but they can analyse ways to help and fingers crossed you get the sleep you’re yearning for!




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