The Netflix shows to get you through the winter

Credit: McJefferson Agloro - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

Winter is closing in. It’s time to snuggle under the blanket, wrap your hands around a hot cup of cocoa, and binge watch your way through the cold and bitter months.

We’ve rounded up a huge selection of Netflix shows to help you out. Drama, documentary, animation: we’ve selected long, amazing shows, with plenty of episodes to keep you entertain. So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

T.V. Dramas

Star Trek Discovery

Set ten years before the original Star Trek series, Star Trek Discovery is the newest addition to the immensely popular sci-fi drama.

Star Fleet Officer Michael Burnham accidentally starts a war with the Klingon Empire. Seeking redemption, she joins the crew of the Starship Discovery and sets off with a colourful crew of characters – alien and human alike – to discover new worlds, fight bad guys, and perhaps stop an intergalactic war.

This isn’t just a show for fans of the original show. With great acting, well written storytelling, and brilliant production design, this is a T.V. drama that is thoroughly out of this world.

Orange is the New Black

What happens when a woman who has it all, loses it because of her crime-riddled past? You get the brilliant, award-winning series, Orange is the New Black.

This show is renowned for mixing violence and prison cells, with humour and genuine friendship. And with five seasons available now, there is plenty of content to watch throughout winter!

Animated Series

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender? Well then, you’ll absolutely love Voltron!

Directed by the same creative team, Voltron follows a group of space cadets who stumble across sentient, robot lions. With their powers combined, they are able to form Voltron: The legendary robot, guardian of the galaxy.

This is an action packed, sci-fi adventure. With deep, moving moments, and high stakes space fights, Voltron is a show that will keep your  heart racing as the snow drifts outside.

Little Witch Academia

There is only one way to describe this show: Adorable.

Young witch Akko is not a good witch. Yet, with her friends at her side, she hopes to discover the secrets of the witch academy, save the day, and get good enough grades to graduate!

With beautiful animation, this show is a cross between Harry Potter and The Worst Witch. Beautiful, funny, genuine. This is a feel-good watch for any anime fan this winter.

Horror and Suspense

Stranger Things

This is a show that is on so many to-be-watched lists. And for good reason!

When a young boy goes missing, his mother and a group of children unveil a secret conspiracy in their neighbourhood. One which would rather stay hidden, by any means necessary.

With season two out now this is your chance to binge the whole thing. This show is the perfect show to wrap up and watch – even with the blankets, you’ll get goosebumps!

The Mist

From a Stephen King inspired show, to the real deal. The Mist is a series based off Stephen King’s story of the same name.

A mysterious mist descends upon the Earth. Venturing into it is certain death. But with family to protect, and no one to rely on, what other options do you have?

With awesome visual effects, horrifying story-telling, and a twist that will leave you as pale as the snow outside, The Mist is one show you do not want to miss this winter.


Frozen Planet

Any David Attenborough documentary is a good documentary. But if you want one to get you in the winter spirit, then the best is Frozen Planet.

All around the world, animals have learned to deal with the winter in unique, marvellous ways. With stunning cinematography, and heart-pounding scenes of nature, Frozen Planet teaches us about the dangers, wonders, and trials of animals in the coldest climates on Earth.

It’s beautiful. It’s educational. It’s spectacular. Sip your best hot beverage and hunker down. This is one documentary that you will love this winter.

Chef’s Table

Food is one of the best things in winter. And if you’re looking for some great food visuals, as well as some cooking lessons, Chef’s Table is one to watch.

Following some of the most successful chefs in the world, we not only learn about their careers, but also the way they approach food. From Italian to French, this documentary lets you get inside the minds of the best chefs in the world. Can’t think of a better way to fight those winter blues.



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