How to be more productive every day

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Procrastination is the biggest thief of time – so they say, and I totally agree. I used to be one of life’s procrastinators – always making plans – but never actually getting anything done. Being organised is the key to becoming a much more productive person.

So stop staring out of the window, put the TV remote down and read my tips below on becoming more productive.

Make lists

I am a total list-maker, and it is the only way I feel in control of my day, and in control of what I need to achieve by the end of it. I spend 20-30 minutes at the end of each day creating my ‘To Do’ list for the following day – knowing what I need to do the next day really helps me to relax and feel ready to take on the next day. What’s great is that if you remember something that you need to do then you can just add it to the list.

Be organised

If your usual morning routine is you running round the house like a headless chicken, not knowing what to wear, not knowing where your keys are and not even having time for breakfast, try to be more organised.

Decide what outfit you will wear the night before and lay it out ready, pack your bag with all your essentials (especially keys) and leave it next to your outfit, and maybe even get some breakfast prepared the night before – Overnight oats is so quick and easy to prepare and is really tasty and filling.

Get up earlier

I definitely feel more productive and motivated in the mornings – I struggle badly with the mid-afternoon slump. Try to get up a bit earlier in the mornings so you can get all your bits and pieces done before you go to work, so when you get home in the evening feeling tired,  you don’t have to worry about sitting down and tackling it then.


Exercising first thing in the morning can help you to be more productive throughout the day. It releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in your mind and body. So going to the gym, for a run or a walk first thing in the morning can really help you feel up for doing more during the day.

Have some me time

If you are not taking care of yourself, you are not going to be feeling motivated or productive. It’s super important to make some time to relax and de-stress, whether that involves having a pamper night, having some time with friends and family, reading a book or just lying on the sofa watching random stuff on TV. Take time for yourself and recharge your batteries, and in no time at all, you will be back on form with being productive again. Not sure how to fit self-care into your routine, we’ve got 25 ways you can do just that!



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