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Small ways to make a house a home

Credit: Sarah Dorweiler - unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

There is nothing better than that honeymoon phase from moving into a new flat or house. But when you’re on a budget or if you’ve only just moved out it can be hard to make this new space feel homely and cosy.

But despite what you might think, it isn’t actually that expensive to add your own touch to a flat and make it feel like home. I moved into my new apartment only 3 months ago and it’s already feeling like home. Here are my tips.

Plants are your new best friend

As much as you’ll probably want to get. pet, getting a plant is a lot cheaper, a lot cleaner, but can still make the room feel homely. The great thing about plants is you can even buy those fake ones from IKEA which means no hassle and they never die!

Personalise it with photos

It may sound super cringe-worthy to have photos of yourself and your friends everywhere but it can really make a room feel like yours.

You don’t have to go overboard with the frames or collages, just pick out your favourites. Hang them on the walls, stand them up on the windowsill or your bedside table. I promise you they will change the feel of the room.

Frame posters and artwork

Now you can be super class and get some real expensive artwork from a gallery. Or you can buy some prints online and frame them. This again really helps to add your personality to the place. Depending on the type of artwork you get it can also give an adult feel to the place. Less teenage HMV posters and more modern young woman chic. Personally I’d recommend Desenio for this.

Leave magazines and books out

If you have a coffee table, a dining table, a bedside table or anything else you can put things on then utilities it. Leave your magazines or whatever book you are reading at the moment out on them. It adds character the furniture and makes the room feel a little less bare. Plus it’s an excuse to buy more magazines.

Buy a fruit bowl or biscuit tin

This is pretty similar to the magazines trick. Have a fruit bowl on the table or a glass biscuit tin where you can see the contents will make a table feel more homely. It also encourages you to eat fruit… or biscuits.

Don’t be afraid to make a mess

It’s so nice when your flat is spotless. But to make it feel like home don’t be afraid to make a mess. Leave the dishes until the next day, Don’t make the bed till you get home. Just live in your flat and don’t worry about it for a day or two. Make it your own and less like hotel.

Cushions everywhere

If you’ve jus moved into a new place and haven;t littered it with cushions and blankets yet then what the hell have you ben doing! Cushions are the number one most important item on your home decor shopping list. They help to bring in colour as well as comfort.

Try and pick out things you can mix and match in different rooms – as well as ones that have removable covers for the practicality of washing them.




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