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The stationery brands you need to check out!

Credit: Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

Long days at work at your desk don’t have to be boring. Why not spruce up your office space with some cute stationery to make your note taking that bit more bearable. We’ve got all of the notebook goals lined up for you.

Wilko stationery

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Been to Wilkinsons lately? Maybe you should take a trip and look at all the cute stationery they have to offer, at low prices! When you hit the stationery aisle you’ll be able to find rose gold folders and paperclips and cute stickers and Parisian themed notepads on the next aisle. You will be spoilt for choice! They cover stationery on a budget and you’ll be sure to find something suitable for your needs.



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If you fancy a treat and a bit of a splurge, get on google and type in stationery at ASOS. Bet you didn’t even know they did stationery! From happiness planners, cactus erasers; these finds are a bit more of a splurge but for the coordinated queen inside of you. They stock their own brands and bando. Invest in your stationery and you’ll feel much more equipped to write down those ever so important notes!


Good old Paperchase. The multicolored store has floors and floors full of arts and crafts to make your desk that little bit brighter! If you’re looking for a diary you have over 20 to choose from, ones that will fit in your handbag perfectly or ones for your larger backpack containing all your gym gear. They’re equipped for every occasion at paperchase, whether you want some vintage looking paper or a notepad full of motivational quotes for the day. They’ve got you covered!



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