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I remember the first time I felt my heart shatter into a million, tiny pieces like it was yesterday! I was with my first boyfriend for roughly 2 years, but I was adamant I would marry him. (How wrong was I!) We went our separate ways, but a week or so later, I discovered he was now with one of my close school friends. My gosh, you never forget your first heartbreak. I still sometimes think about it today and it happened five years ago.

Heartbreak truly is one of the most traumatic things you can experience, especially when you’re younger and your emotions are still developing. When you’re younger, naturally, you’re more naive making it easier to feel hurt and betrayed.

You feel like it’s the end of the world and it’s hard for you to be consoled when someone has broken your heart. The worst part is that you trust this person with your heart and they repeatedly tell you that they will take care of you and suddenly – BAM – they crush your heart in the palms of their hands.

I’ve suffered my fair share of heartbreaks over the past few years. I’ve definitely experienced enough that I feel like I’m capable of sharing my top tips to dealing with heartbreak with you. I wish I had someone knocking this advice into my head when I was trying to mend my broken heart so here goes…

Cry it out

Just CRY. Cry to your Mum, cry on your friend’s shoulders. Cry until your mascara has made you look like a panda. It is okay to cry. In fact, letting it all out through tears is the best thing you can possibly do in this situation because it means you are letting go – which is the first step to dealing with a broken heart.

Help yourself

Please don’t rely on your friends and family to drag you out from this. You’ve got to help yourself. Leave the house, speak to other boys. You can’t move on until you’re helping yourself. You’re not going to gain anything from hiding under your duvet eating tubs of Ben & Jerry’s now, are you?

Eat well and look after your body

Do you want to show your ex what they’re missing? Do your squats and eat your greens so you know you’re looking your best. Make them realise what they’ve lost! I know that Ben & Jerry’s is calling your name, but they don’t love you. Not really.

Watch rom-coms

It’s easy to lose all hope in true love when someone breaks your heart but please don’t let one heartbreak put you off – you’re better than that and I promise you that there’s someone out there who can put a big grin on your face again! Watch soppy romance films to get you back in the mood for luuurve. Or just fantasy over Ryan Gosling like the rest of us.

Tinder all day

Don’t be ashamed to download your dating apps again. You know that everyone uses them now so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about! Even if you’re not interested in dating, having people to speak to throughout the day and in the evening is always nice and is a perfect distraction from how you’re truly coping with your broken heart!

What is your best advice for dealing with heartbreak? Are you a ‘hide under the duvet watching Bridget Jones and ice cream’ culprit? Or do you march on and get yourself together? Let us know and give us your best nugget of advice for mending a broken heart!



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