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The 15 things you forget when moving out that you really do need

Credit Ian Dooley - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

You’ve found a new place to live, you’ve signed the contracts and got the keys. Congratulations!! You’re now all ready to move into your own place … except, hold on, no you’re not. You at least need the bare essentials but what, exactly, do you need?

1. Extension leads

You start bringing in lots of electricals and of course you want your TV and DVD player to be near each other but oh no there is only one plug!? Extension leads are the way forward and are so under estimated! I currently use at least 3 in my flat.

2. Bins

Recycling is a big thing now, make sure you check with your local council which bins are what and when they get taken but to start with make sure you have a bin in your kitchen! When you move in you’ll probably go through bin bags like there’s no tomorrow with all the boxes from your new items, takeaway packaging etc. Also, a bathroom bin is so valuable!!

3. Light bulbs

There is nothing worse then trying to sort through boxes and rearrange furniture in the evening when it’s dark and you’ve forgotten to get light bulbs (I’m talking from experience). Buy a stash and then when one goes, you can replace it straight away!

4. Dustpan and brush

You will not believe how dusty your place can get when you first move in and a dust pan and brush will become your best friend. Who wants to get the hoover out after each deboxing?

5. Chopping board

I have two chopping boards and I use them everyday. To cut bread, to cut meat and vegetables, to cut up fruit. More than this it also helps to protect your work surfaces.

6. Saucepan/Frying pan

Now these can be expensive but to start with you don’t need a top of the range set. Saucepans are good for pasta, sauces, soups etc and a frying  pan will solve your morning fry up issues and any cooking of meat. These pans are so versatile but a must!

7. Cutlery and plates

Although you’ll probably start the week with takeaways, there is no better feeling than cooking a meal in your new kitchen! This is why you need a whole dinner set as soon as possible! A standard 12 piece set (4 x bowels, side plates and plates) would be great and you then have spares for when people come and visit! Cutlery is also a must, no-one wants to eat pasta with their hands.

8. Washing up liquid and sponges

After your first meal in your new home you’ll have to wash the dishes and put them away (start as you mean to go on!) so you will definitely need washing up liquid and sponges. It’s so bad rinsing your plate with just water or then leaving them on the side whilst you wait to get washing up liquid. It’s the littlest things that you forget!

9. Dish drying rack

Following on nicely, unless you want to wash a plate and dry it up straight away and then wash a fork and dry it up, you need a dish drying rack. There are so many varieties of these nowadays so they can really look nice in your kitchen!

10. Tea towels

Tea towels aren’t just for drying up, they can be used to hold hot dishes (oven gloves are probably better), clean up any spillages and even dust down surfaces. I guarantee there will be so many times you’ll need one without realising!

11. Laundry basket

Gone are the days of taking your clothes off and throwing them on the floor and you’ll be surprised at how quickly the laundry pile grows. Buying a laundry basket will keep your room tidy and you’ll know where all your dirty clothes are.

12. Cleaning products and toiletries

Buy a basket and stick it under the sink and fill it with cleaning products. Some must haves are a bathroom spray, kitchen spray, multipurpose spray, antibacterial wipes, febreeze and an air freshener. These standard products will tie you over for a couple of months. Toiletries for yourself are just if not more important though. No you probably won’t have any shelves to put them on but you’ll feel so much better after a day of deboxing and rearranging by having a bath/shower with your favourite products!

13. Towels

Ahhhhh you’ve just had the most relaxing bath/shower, you step out and oh no … no towels! These were the first things we bought when we moved into our flat because otherwise we knew we’d forget them. You will use these every day so you must remember these!!

14. First aid

I have a box under the sink full to the brim with plasters and paracetamol and cold/flu tablets and don’t forget the vapor rub and lemsip! Soon I’ll probably be able to open up my own pharmacy but don’t underestimate how important these are. You don’t want to spend your days and nights in pain, stock up on pharmaceuticals.

15. Toilet roll

Oh goodness this one is so important!! I literally hate myself every time I sit down and do my business and then realise there is no toilet roll. Why didn’t I check before I sat down!? Especially when you first move in, you’ll soon realise how important this is!!

Hopefully this list of essentials help make your move as smooth as possible!!


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