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Why it’s OK not to have a job after graduation

Life is like a big game of Tetris. Abi Donoghue explains how it's ok if you don't know how to play straight away

Credit: Blake Lisk - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

It’s 3 months since graduation, you’ve got the cool apartment, the job you’ve been working towards and life as an adult is just going really well in general.

Right? WRONG!

Well, for me at least any way. I’ve seen plenty of my friends go into cool jobs and move into their own places in the last few months. But little old me? Not so much. I’m back at home, underemployed and I’ve never really been more miserable. And that’s fine.

Honestly, it is fine.

Sometimes life takes a little bit longer to fall into place. It’s like a big game of tetris; some people understand how to play it and know the button to make the pieces fall in to place super fast. Some people, like me, don’t know how to use this button and have to watch the pieces slowly fall, moving it all the while until you are sure it’s in the right place.

And this has taken me the best part of three months, a lot of chats with friends, loads of wine and about 5 months worth of naps to come to terms with. Even after all that, it is still a struggle sometimes.

It does make you feel awful for a while, especially when parents don’t understand and think you’re just slacking or being lazy, trust me, I’ve heard the lot. Just ignore them; it’s the best thing to do. I struggle to hear if I’m not concentrating hard on the person (selective hearing as my mum says) so it’s actually pretty easy to zone it all out and focus on what I know is the truth.

The best thing to do is tell yourself that this is the time you needed to collect yourself, become the best person you can be. Because despite how much I loved university, it drained me so much. For a while after I finished I was just a hollow shell of a girl, so this time alone has, in some ways, been a blessing. I’ve had time to rejuvenate and sort out what I want to prioritise in life. Also, after three years of forgotten hobbies, I’ve finally had the time to get back in to reading, drawing and singing. It’s also meant that I’ve had no 9am starts and I’m still living rent free, so it’s not all bad after all.

Now, I’m not the right person to be coming to for advice but if you have the drive and the motivation then it’s not going to be like this forever. Sometimes you just have to take the long route to get there, but think of how amazing it is going to feel when you finally do.




  1. Beautiful piece Abi x
    The longer route has the most spectacular views. It’s good to get lost, throw your compass, sit on a rock and breathe… Take the wrong turn, enjoy the experience and make every step you take count…x


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