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Is the gender pay gap still a thing?

For every £1 earned by a man, a woman earns just 82p - despite the fact it has actually been illegal to pay women and men differently for 45 years. 

Working woman gender pay gap

The gender pay gap, is an equality measure that shows the difference in average earnings between women and men.

In 2017, after the feminist movement, women’s emancipation, and gender equality programmes on a global scale, you wouldn’t expect the gender pay gap to still exist; would you?

Well here’s the thing, the pay gap is still at 9.4% across the UK, and for every £1 earned by a man, a woman earns just 82p – despite the fact it has actually been illegal to pay women and men differently for 45 years. 

How does the gender pay gap still exist?

There are a number of factors that contribute to the pay gap, including women’s less than representative role in senior jobs.

In a survey of 118,385 managers from 423 organisations 66% of women were in junior roles, and only 26% in senior.

Companies such as the BBC, which recently released its figures for public disclosure, revealed a 9.3% pay gap, which Court of Appeal Judge Sir Patrick Elias ruled as a underrepresentation of women in the more senior jobs.

In addition to this woman are also facing disproportionate bonuses, and a greater availability to them for part-time work.

What is the Government doing about the gender pay gap?

According to Gov.Uk Gender Pay Gap the government is:

  • Requiring large employers, including the public sector, to publish their gender pay gap and gender bonus gap;
  • Offering 30 hours of free childcare for working families with 3 and 4 year-olds; and
  • Encouraging girls to consider a wider range of careers, including in those higher paying sectors traditionally dominated by men.

What can we do?

It’s so important that we discuss this issue. Not enough dialogue is being held, and companies are still managing to get away without publishing gaps in their bonuses and the number of women in top jobs. The more we talk and create a voice, the further the campaign will get.

Changing work role stereotypes is an ongoing battle and one we all need to keep fighting. We need a more balanced work sector in both part-time and full-time work.

What’s the pay gap like in your area?

It’s fascinating seeing the difference in pay gap depending on your area within the UK – do you live in an area where the gap is larger or smaller? In reality where you live should not affect how much more or less you are paid in comparison to the opposite sex.

As females, it’s so important we build each other up. This topic affects men and women equally and it’s vital we all have a say in the matter. We live in an age of gender fluidity, and we all know gender is a social construct, so how is this still occurring?

Is the gender pay gap an issue in your workplace, or are you even aware of it?






  1. Great article, needed to be said. I am ancient, a fossil and the oldest one to comment I am sure. So if I can, just be very aware of job titles – PA morphs into EO very quickly in some sectors that ironically, champion gender equality – yes, it absolutely sucks. And don’t get me on those equality training courses!

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  2. It’s so annoying that it is still happening. Both men and women put the same amount of work into their positions so I really don’t understand why they’re not being paid the same. And why women are still being discriminated against in certain fields. This needs to change!

    Julia xx

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  3. Wow this is such an important topic but I can’t even we still need to discuss this because this is still a thing. Like it’s sickening the gap and I can’t believe that it’s larger in certain areas! It shouldn’t even exist! Great post xxx

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  4. It’s so shit that this is still going on, women have proved time and time again that they’re just as capable as men but it barely ever seems to promote change and if it does, it’s minute. I think a hell of a lot of woman do support and push each other and it’s brilliant to see but men overlook it until it directly affects them in some sort of way (not an often occurrence). More people definitely need to be speaking up about this issue!
    Alice Xx

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  5. This is such an important topic! The Gender Pay Gap is a topic that we studied in Sociology, and it’s shocking to find out the difference between the pay of men and women, and also the lack of positions of power than women hold!


  6. Gender pay gap is such an annoying thing, that really shouldn’t have to be discussed anymore. But because it still is an issue, therefore I’m glad people like you are still talking about it. I’m worried that once I graduate, the guy with the same grades as me will get paid more just because of his gender. It truly is not fair.

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