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4 things to do if you lack experience

What to do when you lack experience - The Growing Up Guide - Via Pexels

Whether you have just finished a degree or you’re just starting out in an industry, it isn’t just qualifications that employers are looking for. Although being qualified for a job is a big part of the application process, it’s your experience that will get your foot in the door.

This is great if you have had a lot of experience or were really involved with charities or clubs growing up. But what do you do when you’re lacking in the experience department? We’ve got some solutions that you can even start doing today!

Work for free

Not getting paid to do work for a company isn’t always the way forward, especially if you’ve got bills to pay. But if you’re a student or able to live at home for a while then start sending letters out now.

Most industries offer work experience opportunities for people 16 and over. Usually work experience lasts for a week but you can always ask to stay longer.

Offering to work for free for a company you are interested in shows your determination and enthusiasm for that business and industry. It doesn’t have to be for long, and the most different companies you can work with the better. Your CV will look varied and you will learn new skills from each company – which can talk about in an interview.

Charity work

If you have a full-time or part-time job already that doesn’t allow you to do work experience for a full week then why not look into helping out with a charity. Charities are always looking for more support. This could be in the form of fundraising through cake stalls and helping out at their events, or just spending a couple hours volunteering in their local shop.

Getting involved with a charities and fundraising for them off your own back shows that you do more than go home and watch TV every night. It gives you something interesting to talk about in interviews and can show your future employer that you care about issues and people.

Learn something new

Most employers will ask you to tell them about yourself during an interview. By this they want to know about your hobbies and what you do in your spare time. Sadly, being an Instagram queen and being able to spot a bargain in the summer sales doesn’t really cut it.

Look into learning a new skill. It could be anything from learning a new language to joining a sports club. Try and go for activities that show one of the key skills employers look for such as teamwork, resilience, self-improvement and determination.

With the internet it is so easy to learn new things for free and find clubs near you that you can join.

Find a platform for your voice

If you’re looking to get experience in the creative industry then why not set yourself up a website/platform to promote your own work.

If you’re a writer then start a blog to show people that you are staying activity with your skill. It’s the same for if you are into video production, music production or even art and theatre. Set up a YouTube, Soundcloud or even social media accounts dedicated to your work.

Not only does this help get your name out and you can start building an audience, but it shows your future employer that you know how to network and build a brand.



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