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The lingerie that will up your confidence during the day and night

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It’s about time that we start to feel confident with our bodies. We don’t have to ashamed to embrace who we are and this can be in all different ways. For me I feel confident in lingerie and it really makes me feel good. There’s so many good lingerie brands on the market that will make you feel good from day through to the night. Whether you want a cute bra or a full set there are tons of places that help you get your confidence up.

If you’re after a bralette Topshop is a good place to shop. They do a range of designs and some offer support to help you out a little bit. The products vary in price depending on what you want but that’s what makes a brand better. It has something for everyone at different price points, go for something cheaper to begin with and then work your way up if barrettes are for you. At first I wasn’t a fan of the idea but more often than not I am wearing one they’re so easy to just throw in underneath and they beat a bra in terms of comfort massively.

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If you’re after some good brazilians or thongs or even something high-waisted ASOS is a real good place to check out. They have a range of brands and all different styles allowing you to get your style sorted to a T.

I often find so many things that I want to buy from them it’s difficult to narrow it down. You can filter by colour and size and they even have a handy little extension that gives you a rough guide to what people with similar size and weight to you have bought. Because we all know the troubles of having to order something in multiple sizes so this makes it a little easier.

If you want more of a full set Missguided is a great place to shop, they offer inexpensive good quality items that won’t break your bank but still make you feel like million dollars. They always have some sort of offer on so it’d be a waste not to treat yourself to a few things from them.

Day to night lingerie is really easy to pull off from a casual bit of lace to even a pop of colour you can make a simple bra go fancy by getting the right stuff. I always aim to go for something that is practical and comfortable but has a little something to it. You want to feel good in what you’re wearing you shouldn’t hate having to put on that boring bra everyday you should feel good about yourself.

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A brand that is great for making you feel good is Boohoo – they have a range of simple to fancy lingerie pieces perfect to transition to after a long day. They really offer something for everyone so give them a try.

There we have it, lingerie for me is all about being confident in myself. Not just looking confident for others but feeling good and happy in myself. Whether that’s a nice bra or a cute set it’s about owning that you’re pretty and really rocking it.






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