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The small details employers notice about your appearance

Credit: Alexandru Zdrobau - Unsplash
It’s pretty logical to make sure you look smart and presentable when going for an interview or important meeting but there are a few small things that employers will notice about your appearance.

Hair & make up

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. But no matter what you do make sure your hair is neat and clean. Never chance is thinking you can just use dry shampoo, because you know what will happen. The one day you need it to look nice it’ll go clumpy and you’ll be left with white bits everywhere.

When it comes to make up go simple. It’s important to look presentable but you’re not going on a night out so make it natural. A little less bronzer and highlight and more nude lips and simple eyes.

Shine your shoes

Growing up I always had to polish my shoes for school. Having a Naval Dad drilled this into you from the get go. But I can’t stress enough how something so simple as shoes can be so important. As the saying goes, “you can tell a lot about a (wo)man from their shoes”. Make sure they are clean and shiny.


If you have to wear some sort of jewellery then go for some simple stud earrings. Never go all out with a watch, bracelet, rings and necklace. Just pick one and make sure it’s subtle and isn’t going to distract your interviewer when you’re talking.


Nails are very much like shoes. They need to be clean for a start. Nobody likes to see dirty nails so get out that manicure set you got in a Christmas cracker one yet and give them a good scrub.

The same foes if you’re wearing nail polish. Make sure it is chip free and clean. No pen marks. If you are wearing nail polish then be sure to pick a suitable colour. Pinks and nudes are always a good one. Never go full neon!


Girls if you’re like me and you’ve got quite a handful then make sure you have the right bra to hold them up. A poorly fitting bra will make clothes not sit properly on you.

As well as a bra, make sure if you’re wearing a shirt that it fits you properly. There is nothing worse than having a mischievous button popping opening during your interview.

But the main thing any employer will notice about your appearance will be your confidence. Remember to smile, breath and stay calm. You’ve got this!







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