Why do we buy into the hype?

You’re always going to find that person that has the latest gadget, the clothes that appeared on Topshop overnight. That one person who seems to have everything the minute it’s released. In reality that’s all of us. One way or another we all buy into the hype a little bit.

Whether that’s the Beauty Blender hype that got almost every single beauty guru and their best mate talking about, the Anastasia phase where everyone seemed to be using all the products. To even everyone’s clear love for Avocado which appeared out of nowhere. At some point at least once you have bought into the hype but why do we do this.

As a blogger I try to dip into hype products a little, it’s difficult to be in an industry where everything is influenced by what’s current. It’s difficult to want to do something different and still stand out when everyone is following the same crowd.

A post unrelated to trends won’t do as well compared to me talking about something everyone wants at the moment. It’s just how the cookie crumbles.

If we think about it for a moment there is actually Psychology behind hype products, specifically why we have this strong desire to have what everyone else has.

Subconsciously we want to be like everyone else, yes we are all individual. But we have an instinct to be similar to everyone in some kind of way.

You might see loads of people in puffa jackets this winter, almost everyone rocking Old Skool vans. These are merely examples of hype products that we invest in to be a bit like everyone else. They’re considered cool because everyone has them.

The main problem with hype products is that their charm wears off. To the point where you’re looking at that Rainbow highlighter and wondering what you were actually thinking. If it wasn’t for a trend you would’ve looked the other way. Although I do still love that trend a little bit!

When the hype fades it’s onto the next best thing. We become engrossed with what’s current and in a way it’s actually draining. There are people who follow trends religiously and with stuff like technology this can be dangerous.

From changing your phone to get that ridiculously expensive phone that you don’t need nor can afford but because we looked at some swish advert talking about it we all of a sudden now need it. – When in reality nobody really needs the new iPhone 8 realistically we all need to go back to Motorola flip phones but they haven’t become a hype product yet.

On the flip side hype products are actually a good thing. I would never have come across things like the Beauty Blender or apps like VSCO if I hadn’t seen people talking and raving about them to the masses.

Even if everyone has both of these they are still good working things that have impacted my life for the better. It seems silly to say a blending sponge has impacted my life but try one of them and try to tell me your makeup didn’t look significantly better than normal.

The same can be said for VSCO, I never really understood the hype around the app until I started using it. I use a photo editing app for my Instagram all the time and having them on my phone is essential especially when I’m travelling and still need to be working. This app really is something special and it has helped out my blog a ton.

The final hype product I want to get onto are MacBooks. Now I got my MacBook Air last year as I just started University and it was a very lucky present for my 18th birthday.

Before getting this I wasn’t a fan of them. I didn’t really see the need for them or the hype over them.

Since having mine for over a year I can confidently say that I get the hype completely. This is such a handy thing to have and especially when it comes to my blog and University life it has been a massive help.

It’s lightweight and easy to have with me and yes I am that person that has it on me almost all the time because I try to do about 10 different things a day. But I think if I went back to a regular laptop I would struggle because everything is here in one place where I need it to be.

All round we just want to have what everyone else has, that’s not to say that hype products are bad.

But realistically if you’re buying something just for the sake of having what everyone else has it’s time to put down your cash and think about it a bit more.

Let us know what hype products you’ve loved and hated. My hated hype product probably has to be those ASOS jeans that had the thong part to them.




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