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5 things you only learn once you move in with your partner

Credit: Jeremy Wong - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

Moving in together is a big step in any relationship. Up until that point you have only spent a fraction or your day to day lives together. Many couple may have even spent a week or two together on holiday but nothing compares to when you first start living together, just the two of you.

After almost a year of living together I surprised myself with the amount of things I got to learn about my partner, even now. You thought you may have known them well but here are 5 things you learn about your partner when you finally move in together.

Their cleaning habits

Everyone has their own way of cleaning. Whether it be themselves or where they live. Personally, I am a fan of daily showers in the evening, either straight as I get in from work or just before bed.

As for cleaning my abode I am a big fan of bleach, there is nothing quite as satisfying as scrubbing down the shower until I can see my reflection on every surface and it smells like a swimming pool. Only then will I be fully satisfied that it is clean.

But not everyone is like this. Some people live in squalor, some people tidy only when they need to. Up until you really live together you tend to see the ‘cleaner’ side of your partner, and you will typically find that their cleaning habits are one of the first you will discover.

Cooking for two can be a challenge

Everyone has different tastes, there’s no denying that. In any relationship you will obviously learn what eachother likes and dislikes to eat, who is good at cooking what and who actually enjoys cooking.

But it’s not until you live together and have to shop for groceries that it becomes somewhat of a challenge.

My partner for example, is a very fussy eater and refuses to eat the majority of fruits and vegetables, me on the other hand eats as much fruit and vegetables as possible and enjoys finding new ways to use them in everyday dishes.

I found that I was buying the quantities sold in supermarkets but ended up wasting the majority of what I was buying was being wasted. T

o counteract this I simply make bigger portions and freeze them for another time, particularly for when I’m working late.

Almost a year later and we still find this to be somewhat of a challenge.

You might not get to spend much time with them

In the majority of relationships, couples don’t often work the same hours, the same days or have the same job role. Therefore you might end up having completely different days off, working completely different hours and maybe not even seeing each other some days.

For us this isn’t a problem, and I vouch that many other couples would agree, it just simply makes you appreciate the time you spend together, in your own home, even more.

No more secrets

This might be an obvious one, but once you’re spending that much more time together, being in one another’s company each and every day, nothing stays hidden.

Those “weird” habits you kept hidden up until this point are a thing of the past, and are now simply a quirk you both embrace. Little things that  you may have kept on the down low or you both simply didn’t notice until it became a regular occurrence or something that was seen on a regular basis.

Just you wait until any special occasion, hiding those presents and parcels is a whole other game of keeping secrets in itself.

You might not always like each other

Like and Love are two completely separate things.

You will love your partner indefinitely, but arguments happen and it’s completely healthy to not always like them at times.

They may say something to upset you, or not do something that you requested, this will naturally annoy you and for a short period of time you won’t like them for it. But you won’t stop loving them for their mistakes.

You make mistakes too and they will feel the same in return, it’s normal. No one is perfect, and neither is any relationship.

Just remember why you wanted to move in with them in the first place, at the end of the day you both chose one another and that is what matters most, not whether they took the washing out of the machine or not.



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