Jobs you’ve never heard about – and you’ll wish you had

Credit: Arnel Hasanovic - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

In this day and age, it’s not surprising that there’s a job for everything. That’s no exaggeration – so today we thought we’d share the top 5 most unusual of jobs that we found, including some you wish you’d have considered for your latest career move.

Netflix tagger

My personal favourite, and the job I’m about to apply for, is the role of a Netflix Tagger. A Netflix Tagger essentially watches Netflix all day and decides which key words to use so Netflix knows what to base your recommendations off. Pretty smart huh? I wish I could do this. Imagine binge watching all your favourite shows for a living, and then making a few notes on them. Job goals.

Pet food taster

Yes, you heard that right. Right now, people are getting paid to eat dog food. Premium pet companies like to make sure their goods are also fit for human consumption, meaning there’s someone who’s got to do it. They have to give certain things a score too, such as the odour and the balance of flavours. I’ll pass on this one.

Professional bridesmaid

Do you make an amazing friend? What about an amazing maid of honour? There are endless websites where you can sign up to be a professional chief bridesmaid! If you have the qualities, why not? Super organised, efficient, patient and friendly are all desirable in this career. Oh, and you probably should also love weddings!

Crime scene cleaner

A gruesome yet well paid job, if you can stomach it, why not become a crime scene cleaner? If cleaning up someone’s dirty work is not your call, you may want to skip this one, as it literally is just that.

Lego sculptor

All your childhood dreams come true. You could get paid to build Lego. Awesome right? Lego hire people to make the sculptures for advertisement and marketing purposes predominantly. Imagine bringing in dollar for making Lego, snacks to the left and perfectly organised colour co-ordinated Lego to the right. It would be a dream come true!



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