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How to stay fit and healthy when working full-time

Credit: Matthew Kane - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

Working a 50 hour week can be challenging enough without getting home and forcing yourself to go to the gym. We all know how important it is to get up and exercise, but after working a full day we all know that what we really want is to sit in front of the TV with a takeaway and a blanket.

But by getting up and about it can really improve your physical health as well as having a positive impact on mental health too. Some benefits also include, helping you sleep better, lowering your risk of life threatening illnesses, and just helping you walk up the stairs without being out of breath. 

Here are just some small changes you can make to your life to help you gain control of your health – no matter how many hours you work.


Walking is such a good way to keep yourself active. Start by aiming to do 10,000 steps a day. You can track your steps if you have a Fitbit, which also can tell you how many calories you have burnt.

Alternatively there are many different apps that can help you including Stepz and Walker. These apps are good to give you a fitness goal everyday and to help keep yourself fit and healthy.

Morning yoga

Morning yoga is a great way to get up and get active before work. You can do it in the comfort of your own home in your PJ’s.

It doesn’t have to be a long workout – 10 minutes is enough and you don’t have to be super flexible to do it either – result. Below is a great beginners workout that can be done before you head out for the day.

Late night swimming

Swimming is a great way to stay active as well as help you relax. It also doesn’t put pressure on your joints meaning that you should be able to manage it a couple of nights a week.

Just swimming for 30 minutes, 3 times a week can massively improve your physical health as well as your mental heath. Some pools even have training programmes to help you and are usually free.

HITT training

High intensity interval training or as it is known HITT is a really great way of burning fat. It consists of short bursts of intense bursts of exercise followed by a rest – it is a really effective way of burning fat and only has to be done for 20 minutes in order for you to see results.

What’s even better is that you can do it anywhere, so it’s great if you are strapped for time. There are so many different exercises routines that can be found on YouTube for all abilities. There’s really no excuse is there?

Give up your seat on the train

Standing up on the train is a great way to burn some extra calories. By making small changes to your lifestyle it can allow you to become fit and healthier and not have such a sedentary lifestyle. Did you know standing up can burn up to 50 calories an hour? An easy way to burn that fat and get fit.

If you’re looking for ways to work out but without the cost of a gym membership then check out our tips. But if it’s more of a lifestyle change you’re after then we’ve got 6 small changes you can make for a healthier lifestyle.




  1. For those willing to part with £50 one off payment I find body boss is a good HIIT program for those who want a quick workout at home! Ive enjoyed the program myself 🙂 many good suggestions here


  2. I needed to read this! The thought of exercising after a 40hour week fills me with dread 😂 I try and walk to work and I’d love to start doing yoga! I need to start training soon though as I’ve signed up to a 10K mudrun.. god help me!😩xx


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