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7 reasons why dating your friend’s ex is a totally bad idea

Credit: William Stitt - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

Dating your friend’s ex-boyfriend is highly frowned upon when it comes to “Girl Code.” But unfortunately, it happens more often than it should. This happens a lot in films, books and television shows and everything usually works out. But when it happens in real life, it can have nasty reactions.

Dating your friend’s ex-boyfriend is a terrible idea for a number of reasons. It’s messy and more trouble than it’s worth.

Debating hooking up with your friend’s ex? Here’s why you should definitely change your mind…

She DOES care

Your friend will feel obliged to say ‘it’s fine, go for it’ or ‘follow your heart’ and this is because she’s afraid of looking like a terrible person. They want what’s best for you and usually, if it’s at the point where you’ve told your friend that you’re into her ex, you’re going to make the move on him. Doing this to your friend will hurt her, despite her saying she doesn’t care.

You can lose that friendship

You will try and tell them that ‘you don’t want things to be weird between you.’ But it will be. It will be very strange and difficult to get used to for all three of you and eventually, it’s inevitable that your friendship will fizzle out.

How would YOU Feel?

Put yourself in their shoes. Think about how you’d feel if your friend did this to you and whether or not you would approve of it. It’s a heartbreaking thing to do to a friend and you certainly wouldn’t be happy if you were going through it.

It’s just awkward

If you live in a village or a small town, you are going to bump into your friend and it’s going to be uncomfortable for all three of you. Living in a small place means that it’s more likely that you’ll date your friend’s exes – but people can be mean and talk behind your back and that isn’t a nice feeling at all.

You might lose other friends

If your friend doesn’t approve of you dating her ex, it’s likely that other girls in your friendship group won’t be happy with it either. Sure, there’s a reason that your friend and this boy broke up but that doesn’t mean it’s cool for you to go there and your friends might see it like this as well. 

Your friend took time to get over him

Breaking up with someone is a seriously difficult time and your friend probably worked super hard to get over this boy and completely erase him from her memory. The last thing she needs is her school friend bringing him back into the picture because it will bring back a lot of emotions and memories.

Friendships last longer

Friendships typically last a hell of a lot longer than romantic relationships, particularly ‘potential’ romantic relationships. So, why would you want to risk a great friendship for a relationship which may only last a couple of months

People certainly have mixed opinions about dating their friend’s ex-boyfriend. How do you feel about it?




  1. It’s honestly not worth it. It’s as you said a friendship is for a life time. And I’m not just friends with anyone, you know? These are my best friends, my ride or die. If this was just an aqaintance, then it’s on. But a real friend. Never. I actually had the situation arise where she told me she was interested but, it was easy to say no.


      1. Oh, I don’t know what to tell you. My friends are like family. I’m sure there’s got to be a lot of guys like that. I hope anyway. Here’s to hoping.


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