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10 money saving perks you get as a student

Credit: Bewakoof Official - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

As a student, money is tight and you want to save every penny that you can. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be living off 9p noodles so you can save your student loan for  a night out and visits home.

In order to make the most out of your money, you need to become a bit of bargain hunter and that’s where this post comes in to give you some amazing money saving perks you can only get as a student.


I’m sure you are aware that the NUS card exists, a lot of universities now provide the basic NUS card as part of student ID’s.

But if you don’t belong to one of those uni’s or if you have an NUS card but want even more discounts, you can sign up for NUS Extra.

For a small initial fee, you will get incredible discounts year round at an extensive number of shops, restaurants, cinemas and so on both in store and online. You also get free Amazon Prime!


Everyone loves free food so make sure you get your free cheeseburger, mayo chicken or McFlurry with your extra value meal.

16-25 Railcard

Most students are away from home and with that comes visiting home. Train tickets can be pricey, especially if you live quite a distance but the 16-25 railcard gives you a third off rail fares.

There is an initial £30 sign up charge (or you get a free 5 year card if you have an account with Natwest) but the savings you make will be totally worth it. You need to be 16-25 or a full time student.

Morrisons more for students

On top of the standard Morrisons more offers, discounts and points systems, students can get access to even more discounts and student only offers.

You will also receive a £5 voucher on sign up.


Another way to gain discount for shops and restaurants both in store and online but UNiDAYS is completely free. You just need to sign up online or on the app with either you NUS or student ID number and Bob’s your uncle, discounts galore!

They also have a play and win on the app so you could bag yourself some freebies and prizes.

Student beans

A discount website which works with smaller brands as well as the bigger names so you have even more choice of places to shop and eat.


Phone bills can be expensive but with EE, you can receive a 20% student discount off your contract plan as well as a 500mb safety net in case you go over you data.

Colonel’s club

Receive a free mini fillet burger or Krushem when you spend £3 and show your card.

Boots opticians/Specsavers

Both optical branches offer free eye tests and 25% off for students, handy if you end up needing glasses from all that screen time writing essays.

Student glitch

A Facebook page which recommends freebies, offers, discounts and pricing glitches. Turn on your notifications!



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