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Decorating your home for Christmas on a budget

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Let’s face it. There is nothing better than putting up a Christmas tree on December 1st, getting out the fairy lights and hanging up the tinsel. Christmas is such a decorative time of year, but those decorations can come at a cost.

If it’s your first Christmas living away from home the then chances are you won’t have many decorations stashed away.

When it comes to Christmas decorations, they are the type of thing that you collect over the years. Before you know it you’re in  your 30s and have around 5 boxes full of decorations stored in the loft or garage.

But when it comes to picking your decorations at the start it can be hard to not break the bank.

We’ve listed some of our favourite budget decorations and ideas to help you keep your bank and home looking pretty.

Fairy lights everywhere

If you can’t afford to deck your house out with tinsel, bunting and ornaments just pick up a bunch of fairy lights and go made.

You can wrap them around your bed frame, pictures or even make a shape out of them on a wall or door.

You can now get wire fairy lights which are perfect if you want something more subtle.


Don’t over do it

Sometimes all you need is a few little bits and bobs to make your home feel Christmasy.

Why not get some stockings like these personalised ones from John Lewis. You can hang them in your living room or at the end of the bed, but the double them up as a bag to put your presents in.

Candles and statement ornaments are also perfect for adding that festive feel to your home but without having too much stuff cluttering the room.

We love this little tea light holder from Not On The Highstreet as its super simple but still has that festive look.


Get a smaller tree

If you feel like you must have a Christmas tree then don’t go all out and get a big on that will hardly fit in your living room, but instead get a smaller one.

The White Company have a pre-light 1.5ft artificial tree on sale which will happily sit on a table or in the corner of your bedroom.

What’s great about a smaller tree is that you can getaway without any form of decorations besides lights on it meaning you don’t have to spend too much more.


Deck out your bedroom

Sometimes the only thing you need to make a room feel more festive is some themed bedding, throws and pillows.

Christmas bedding is a must in our home and we love this fairisle set from Very. Pair it with a red fleecy blanket from Primark and you’re good to go.

What’s also great about festive bedding is you can pack it away at the end of December ready for the following year.

Make your own

If you’re super strapped for cash then why not make your own decorations. They can be super simple and made out of things you already have.

Our favourites have to be a vase full of baubles and some spray painted twigs with lights on them.

These are super easy to make. All you need is a vase of your choice, some cheap baubles from Primark (they have a range of colours in store) a can of spray paint (we recommend silver or white) and some fairy lights.

Fill your vase with the baubles as a base for the twigs so they don’t fall over and then cover them with fairy lights. This will make for a perfect home-made table centerpiece.





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