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6 reasons why you should learn a new language

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Probably the most difficult thing to learn, but one of the best things to learn: foreign languages.

If some languages can seem close to impossible to learn, some languages that are closer to our native languages can turn out to be very easy to learn. There are so many reason to learn a new language. It’s one of the best things you can do in life, and here’s why.

1. It’s good for travelling

Back in October, Corinne went to the Canary Islands for her holiday.  As most people didn’t speak English and some situations turned awkward, she wished she had been able to speak Spanish. It would have made everything much easier.

Traveling is one reason why you should learn at least one foreign language. It makes communicating easier and the experience much better.

As women who have had their fair share of travelling, we can also assure you that locals always love when they are spoken to in their own language. It shows that you care.

2. It looks good on your CV

If you think about it, the United Kingdom is a neighbour to 27 countries, most of them speaking their own language. To everyone thinking of/working in business or finance, you’ll eventually have to trade with other countries.

If you are commercially aware and consumer focused, you will know that transactions always have better chances of success and better outcomes when you make the effort of speaking the language of your business counterpart.

Businesses know that of course. And will look for people who speak foreign languages. If they don’t, it is still an extra skill that looks good on your resume and can help you be on top of the competition.

3. It’s cool and impressive

Not to brag but every time we’ve had to introduce ourselves or explain or academic background, people looked really impressed when languages came up. We both speak English, French plus another language.

Languages demand work, practice and determination, and often requires to actually leave your comfort zone and go live abroad. That’s not something everyone can do. But that’s a story to tell and something that makes you interesting, and cool. Sometimes, showing off is just worth it!

4. It will open your mind to new cultures

Learning a new language always means learning about a new culture. Several countries speak French and all of them have their own culture. Learning about new cultures and others will open your mind to difference, make you more tolerant and help you develop empathy. All of which are all great skills in the mind of employers.

Obviously, learning a new language comes with practicing which often leads to living abroad. We’ve both been living abroad and we can tell how it improved our language and social skills as well as changed us for the better.

5. The more you speak, the more you can learn

This has been proven. The more languages you speak and practice the easier it is to learn new ones. So it basically becomes a game.

To be honest the more you learn, the more you want to learn. And you can never learn too many languages!

6. The earlier you start the easier it is

Proven fact number two. The younger you start learning new languages the better you will be at speaking this language. It has been proven that babies can learn as many languages as they “want”.

So if this may be too late for us, it’s something to take into account for our future children. Plus, bilingual children/people in general have better learning abilities when it comes to languages, making the whole process much easier. So if you can teach your baby more than one language do so, he/she will thank you later.




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