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7 tips for effortless time management

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As a person who loves being involved in many things I’ve often been asked how I can manage doing everything. Motivation is definitely one of the main elements, I like doing what I do and this is a great incentive. But, actually, the key is time management.
As soon as I say this though, the answer I receive is “Oh I’m so bad at that” or “I really struggle with it, I envy you”. If you’re one of these people then keep reading as I’ve made a list of my effortless time management tips.

Use a clock

Now, this might sounds obvious but there are so many people who underestimating using a clock, and with this I mean both your phone clock or a wrist watch.
Start by looking and what time you start and finish an activity that you’ve actually never timed. After that you’ll be able to evaluate if the time you dedicate to it is too short, too long or perhaps the right amount of time.

Be realistic

When estimating the time you need to complete an activity, be realistic! Giving yourself too much time for it might end up wasting your time or not being productive enough.
On the other hand, giving yourself too little time might be frustrating and you’d end up being unmotivated to keep up with your schedule.

Have an agenda

Never underestimate the value of having an agenda, digital or on paper!
Keeping track of your appointments and tasks, not just throughout the day but also among the week or months, can really help you to schedule your time better.
Want to now more about agendas and planners? Check out our mini guide.

 Take advantage Of apps

Technology can be risky when talking about time management since we all know how fast time flies when we grab our phone/laptop for a reason but then end up spending 30 minutes on social media.
If used with purpose though, there are so many apps that are actually very useful and time-saving!

Our favourites:

Pocket – A great app and chrome extension that allows you to save interesting post or articles that you don’t really have time to read when you find them. Lable them and read later.
Feedly – A super easy way to keep up with your favourite websites and blogs without checking them out individually. You just have to save on it your favourite sites and it will notify you when new posts or articles are published.
Focus Booster – An amazing time tracker for online and web! You can set a certain amount of time, the program will then automatically remind you of a 5-minute break after that time, and then repeat.

Make lists

Lists can save your time so so much!  Writing down on paper or on your phone stuff you have to do will help you to realise how much time you need for each task.
Plus, ticking off stuff from the list you’ve accomplish will help with making the most of your time and serve as a motivation boost!

Set alarms

Sometimes just keeping an eye on the clock is not sufficient to keep track of time. When we’re concentrating on something we tend to keep going without realising time is actually passing by!
That’s why setting alarms can be very useful to have specific time slots and, at the same time, to take useful breaks! You can simply use your phone alarm or specific apps/sites (such as focus booster), the important thing is that you have your time under control.

Take breaks

This might sound useless but actually taking breaks will help you being more productive.
Do not underestimate the power of a 5 minutes pause, use it as a re-charge to rock all the stuff on your list in the time you’ve established!



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