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10 organisation life hacks you need to know about

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Organisation can be the key to success from many points of view. It’s time saving, it gives you that sense of safety, it lets you kind of feel you have everything under control.
Being organisation can be applied in many different situations of our life so to make this more useful and yeah “organised”, you’ll find hacks which can include tools or just prompts for different life aspects.

Time and appointments

Have an agenda

This might sounds old school but writing down or writing on your phone or laptop all your appointments and to-do lists will help you schedule and manage your time more efficiently!
There are so many types of agendas and apps out there. Choose the one you prefer and use it, always!
If you’re not used to having one it’ll be difficult at the beginning but when you see the benefits you’ll love it!

Have a calendar

“What do I need a calendar for if I already have an agenda?” I get it, but actually, having a calendar helps you to have a general “vision” of time, realising how close/far specific events are. So as a consequence, you’ll be able to organise your general tasks better.

Find your scheduling system

Agenda, calendars and to-do lists are all organisational tools that can be adopted in different ways. You may prefer to use them in a more visual way maybe by working with different colours. Other people may work better by adopting the same colour but different symbols.
Try experimenting with different scheduling techniques (there are a bunch of videos on YouTube that can help you with this) and go for it!


Start meal prep

Meal prep is the new life-time-saver! Oh and money saver too! By planning your meals (another thing you could be sticking in your agenda) you’re able to organise when to cook and what to buy in advance.
This also helps you to not just “eat whatever” and lead to over-eating or not having enough food.

Use boxes & bags

You’ll need boxes and bags for meal prep but they’re not just useful for this purpose.
For instance, as soon as you come home with the groceries you can organise your fruit, veggies and any other loose item in boxes and bags.
You can also organise everything in your fridge and maybe even classify them following their expiration date (this is quite a pro thing!)

Rooms and clothes


There is no doubt that boxes will make your room look more tidy. From organising your desk stationary to using dividers to arrange your books, everything will have its own proper place.
You can even use boxes to organise your drawers to divide socks from underwear.

Use it – put it back

Supposing everything has its own place in your room it’s not going to put itself back there, right?
I know this isn’t difficult but applying the “use it – put it back” (as soon as you finished using it) technique will help to keep things in check – and you’ll never lose anything again.

Roll instead of fold

Reading the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo not only opened my eyes on many little things that I could avoid to be less messy but also some useful tips.
One to have a go at is organising your clothes not by folding them, but by rolling them (there’s a specific technique to do it properly).
You’ll find that not only is it way easier to “visualise” all your clothes, but it’s also way more automatic to apply the “use it – put it back” technique.

Fitness and gym

YouTube classes

If you’re a home workout person but struggle to organise your workouts properly, try using YouTube. Not only will you have more motivation but you’ll also be able to have a precise time which in effect will help you schedule them into your day.

Gym classes

If you need to actually go to the gym to do your workouts but still struggle to organise them, gym classes can be the solution. Check out which courses you like the most and which of them fit in with your timetable, then just schedule them in your agenda.


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