A gift guide to treat yourself with this Christmas

We feel that everyone deserves a treat or two at Christmas so we are giving away a gift set from The Body Shop. Read below to find out how to enter.

The Growing Up Guide

Is there a single Christmas-celebrating soul on the planet who doesn’t feel the pressure during December? Presents to buy, parties to plan, cards to write and too few days to cram in every single festive activity you want to do each year.

It’s tough trying to stay sane in these stressful times, and whilst we’re all feeling that generous spirit this time of year, it’s also important to treat yourself when December comes around.

It’s time to gift yourself a reward for surviving what’s been a hell of a year, for making it through turbulent times, ups and downs, and putting yourself through 12 months of 2017.

Take some time out for yourself to sit, grab a cup of tea, and just breathe this festive period, and give yourself a treat!

We’ve put together a handy gift guide for you to give to you! It doesn’t need wrapping, or fancy bows, and doesn’t come from the ominous office secret santa pile.

This is just a little guide to the gifts we all need to survive and relax with this Christmas.

Time to relax

With so much festivity happening around us, it’s difficult finding the time to sleep, never mind relax. So why not gift yourself the present of time, and enjoy a little de-stressing with some seasonal goodies before the big day?


LUSH – Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb – £4.50 each

Designed to be an invigorating, yet soothing bath-time companion, the Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb from Lush is sure to be a great ‘me to me’ gift this year.

With scents of clove and ginger, it’s still a great Christmas treat to get you in the spirit of the season, but is also perfect for unwinding after a big day.


The Body Shop – Polar Bear Sleeping Mask – £4

Catch those much-needed 40 winks, and indulge yourself in the best naps ever with a cute polar bear sleeping mask from the Body Shop.

Made of cosy soft felt to keep you warm while you snooze, everyone needs one of these this Christmas to help them survive the season.

Time to inspire


Style Your Mind – Empowerment Novel by Cara Alwell Leyba – £14.64

Described as a ‘A Workbook and Lifestyle Guide for Women Who Want to Design Their Thoughts, Empower Themselves, and Build a Beautiful Life’ this is the perfect self-present to help you motivate yourself for 2017.

Take the time this year to transform yourself into the independent Girl Boss you always knew you could be, and let 2018 be the year of self-love!


A Netflix subscription

If you haven’t already, perhaps now is the time to invest in your very own Netflix subscription, and catch up on your favourite festive films and shows throughout the season.

With awesome empowerment shows such as GirlBoss and GLOW showing exclusively to the network, this is a great opportunity to open yourself up for inspiration – even if just for the 30 day free trial.

Time for self care

If your bedroom isn’t already full of beautiful luxury advent calendars, there are plenty of self-care gift sets on the market this Christmas – waiting just for you.


Charlotte Tilbury – The Gift of Goddess Skin – £39

To get that gorgeous golden glow for your next Christmas party, gift yourself the Charlotte Tilbury luxury skincare set, and you will definitely not regret it. An hour’s pampering with this little collection, and you’ll feel like a radiant goddess all by yourself.


Pixi – Best of Bright – £20

This is the skincare you give yourself when you’re too excited to sleep on Christmas Eve. Because waking up with bright, happy skin (and a mountain of presents from Santa) is one of Christmas’s little joys!

With a brightening mud mask to cleanse your skin and drain away the stresses of the busy festive period, this is the perfect gift for you, and you, and you!

Time for fun!

For those ready to break out the fun by themselves this Christmas – here are our top picks for silly gifts to give to yourself this year.


John Lewis Snowman 3D Mug – £8

The best gift for snuggling up and drinking hot chocolate alone out of a snowman’s head. What else is Christmas for?!


A River Island ‘Oh Deer’ phone case – £12

Because if your phone isn’t festive, how do you expect to be? Appreciate the puns, and enjoy a good old giggle this Christmas with this fun, silly phone case just in time for the big day.


A BooHoo Christmas Tree Jumper – £12

So long as no one else accidentally buys you the same jumper twice, this is a great gift to get yourself to help you into the spirit of Christmas. Cosy, yet absolutely ridiculous, how could anyone say no?

Gifting yourself is just as important as gifting others in the era of self-love, and self-care. So join the craze, and make yourself feel special this magical season!

Everyone deserves a treat now and then so we’re giving away a Body Shop Treats gift set in the scent of your choice!  Enter our giveaway and read the T&C’s here.(Ends 17/12/17)





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