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Is it OK to ask for money for Christmas?

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We’ve all been there. It’s Christmas Day and you’re opening that oddly shaped present from that family member you only see on special occasions. From previous year’s experience it’s no surprise to you that this gift is something you really don’t want nor would use, and at the end of the day your family member has just wasted their money.

But a lass it’s that time old tradition of gift giving that means they have to find something to give you – even if it’s a waste of money.

The easier option would have been to give you money or a gift voucher, so why don’t we?

The short answer is we don’t want to offend anyone and they don’t want to offend us.

Asking for money is basically like saying you don’t really want their input and you’d rather pick your own gift – which is perfectly fine but isn’t it meant to be the thought that counts?

The whole idea of the thought that counts also means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on Christmas presents – even though we do.

By asking for money you’re essentially outing that person and their spending. If your brother was only going to spend £10 on your gift, but now has to give you cash or a voucher they may feel obliged to up the number so not to offend you.

Despite the taboo of talking about money and asking for money at Christmas it is actually the best option for gift givers and recievers.

We all love a good bargain, as well as seen other people happy. Giving the gift of cash or a voucher this Christmas makes your life and theirs so much easier, here’s why;

Beat the shopping stress

There is nothing worse than trapping round the shops during the Christmas rush to try and ind that perfect gift. It creates added stress that you just don’t need.

Giving them a voucher is super easy as you just need to find your chosen store and you’re in and out in minutes. If you’re lucky you can even get the voucher online so you don’t even have to leave your house.

The most you will need is a simple card to put it in. None of this wrapping marlarke.

A secret godsend

Christmas isn’t the easiest of times for anyones finances. On top of buying presents, outfits for Christmas parties, a new coat or pair of shoes to keep you warm, you also have all those household essentials to pya out for. Bills are higher due to the cold weather and it’s not surprise that many people get into debt in December.

Although you’d love for the receiver to spend their Christmas money on a gift for themselves, this extra cash could actually help dig them out of some financial mess.

£20 + £20 = £40

Yes that’s correct. When you put two £20 notes together you get £40.

Giving someone some cash for Christmas means that they can put all of their Christmas cash together to afford something they might not necessarily be able to afford on a normal month.

A lot of people who ask for money for Christmas have something in mind that they are looking to get, and that bit of extra cash can really help them out.

More for your buck

It’s no secret that you can buy a £50 gift before Christmas which goes down to £25 on Boxing Day. It’s quite annoying to see the price drop after you’ve spent out on your friends and family.

Giving them a voucher or cash means that they can not only get what you originally had planned for them, but they will still have money left over to get something else. You’ve essentially bought them 2 things for the price of 1. Who doesn’t love a good bargain!

If you’re struggling to convince someone to give you money or vouchers for Christmas just show them this and we’re sure they will come around.



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