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7 courses you can do online that will instantly boost your CV

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Enhancing your skills is always a good idea. There’s always new things that you can learn and improve on. Plus, by taking part in a course not only do you manage to improve from a theoretical/practical point of view but, it also shows you’re willing to make an extra effort and challenge yourself. So it’s a win-win, right?
Here are 7 courses that you can take directly from home, sitting on your lovely couch, at your favorite “get stuff done” spot or anywhere in the world that will instantly boost your CV!

Microsoft certification

Cost: Around £100-150 (per certificate)

“It 2017, who among us millennial is not able to use Word, PowerPoint or Excel (at least the basics)?” You’ll say.
Well, first of all-knowing how to use these professionally can be a great asset to have.
Secondly, when heading to their website you’ll realize that Microsoft Certifications include many courses options from How to build an App to Data Management and Analytics.

Typing course

Cost: FREE
Again you’ll say, who’s not able to type nowadays? And yes you’re right, practically everyone can type. But have you ever thought about how fast you type?
This might be irrelevant for many job titles but for others, it might be the skill that acts as secret weapon.
There are many online courses you can take just by browsing them on Google, choose the one you like most and start typing!

Language course

Cost: FREE/Priced
We all have that one language (or more) that we really want to learn/improve, why not start it now?
There are lots of apps and websites where you can learn a language for free by yourself.
If you prefer being tutored there are many options as well but in this case, you’ll be charged.
I did a 10 hours course (5 hour group classes + 5 hours individual classes) at Lingoda to refresh my French and I absolutely loved it!

AdWords certification

Cost: FREE
If you’re into digital marketing or  arketing in general, this will be a GREAT expertise to have.
Learning how to understand and get the most of Google Ads is not easy, be prepared to be quite overwhelmed at the beginning. But the course set up from Google is well done, with many examples and short explanatory videos.
Once you’ve completed all the courses and the exams you’ll have the official certification that you can easily add to your LinkedIn profile and CV.

Inbound marketing course

 Cost: FREE
This free course created by Hubspot Academy consists of 12 classes covering all the main inbound marketing aspects from SEO to social media and email marketing.
At the end of it you’ll have to pass a 60 question exam and once passed again, you’ll be able to add the certification to your resume and LinkedIn profile

Adobe trainings

Cost: Varies
Photoshop, Illustrator and other Adobe products are becoming more and more used by companies but knowing how to use them well is not as simple. Because of this, often among the requirements of a job application are specifically requirements to know how to use one of these products.
What if you match all the other requirements but not this one? Jump immediately on to their training scheme and start a certified course now. It might be quite an investment to make but it will definitely be fruitful. platform

Subscription Cost: FREE for students or £12.95-18.95 per month is not just a specific course, it’s a platform with a bunch of courses from business, technology, and creative ones.
What differs from other similar platforms that you can find online is that since you (or your uni) pay a monthly fee it’s “protected” and the videos there are all uploaded by industry experts.
If you want to see how it works you can start a 30-day trial first and eventually decide to subscribe or not.


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