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Why it’s OK to unfollow and unfriend people on social media

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It’s no new truth that the people you allow onto your online space make a big difference in your overall wellbeing and state of mind. Today, social media is so prevalent, and it’s a total “norm” to have hundreds of friends on Facebook, and followers on Instagram.

But do you really care what your primary school first love is getting up to now, 10 years on? Or worse, that girl that you once called your best friend?

From time to time, we need to take a moment for ourselves to spring clean our social media, and declog all the nonsense that we really don’t want to be seeing on a day-to-day basis.

What I’m really trying to say is : It is 100% totally fine to delete and unfollow and unfriend people off your social media accounts.

Lifehacker label this method of spring-cleaning as “culling”, which lets you focus your social media time on what, and who you truly value.

Social Media is such a big part of our lives, that on average a person spends at least 2 hours a day on social media. From Twitter to Facebook, Instagram to Snapchat.

Whether your aimlessly scrolling through your Facebook feed during a lecture or snuggled up in bed with a cup of tea watching your Snapchat friends’ stories of the day. All of these have an effect on us.

If we’re spending this much time on social media daily, what exactly is the point looking at crap from people we really don’t care about?

Not only does this avoid wasting time on pointless posts, it frees up emotional energy, which we do get from social media.

Personally, if someone is always, very negative on social media – delete them.

It’s hard to be happy having a quick scroll through Facebook and then reading someone’s negativity. Create a positive space for yourself through social media.

So, where do you start in terms of deleting and unfollowing people?

Start with Instagram. In my opinion, this platform is one of the most dangerous in terms of mental health and a person’s wellbeing and happiness. This is because we tend to follow everyone and anyone and we’re scrolling aimlessly, seeing all these photos of the glamorous lives people live. There’s no need for it. I

’ve often been asked by my own friends “Is this photo Instagram-worthy? I mean it’s nice, but it’s kinda silly so I don’t know..”.

Second is Facebook- going back to those negative posts. They aren’t wanted nor needed in my personal space on the internet.

Who do you delete, though? People who are no longer in your life. This could be anyone from your former co-workers to people you met once at a teenage disco.

It is totally fine to let these people go. This will, in turn help you focus more on the people who matter in your life, they won’t be buried amongst the people you passively follow.

Of course, there is sometimes where you really can’t bring yourself to delete someone – Mute or hide them. Almost as good.

Just to reiterate one last time: It is totally cool to unfollow or unfriend people from your social media profiles.

Your profiles and accounts are your space, and you don’t need pointless people you barely know on them, informing you of pointless crap that doesn’t matter to you or your life.

It is daunting making the move to delete someone completely, but it’s such a weight off your shoulders once you’ve done it.

I never wanted to delete my ex from Facebook. Instead, I wanted to share every last soppy-relationship/ heartbreak post I saw on Facebook, so he would see and feel guilty.

This is not a good idea, because in turn my presence online was sad and very deep beyond belief. Deleting him was the best feeling ever, I’m not exaggerating!




  1. Really enjoyed reading this so while you are unfollowing people on Wp I am going to follow you for speaking the truth. I also wrote a post just now about unfollowing and I will send it to everyone who made a big deal when I unfollowed them, along with yours 😂


  2. One of the reasons I deleted (deactivated) my Facebook was because I spent too much of time scrolling through the feed to find stuff that I really care about. A lot of it was just clutter from FB groups and people I no longer interact with. I think if I ever went back to FB, I’d take the time to defriend and unfollow a lot of things so my news feed is much cleaner and catering to what really matters in my life. Deleting and unfollowing people who aren’t close to you anyways wouldn’t even matter to the other person!

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