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Anxiety; explaining it to those who don’t understand

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More and more people are being diagnosed with anxiety. The stigma on mental health is finally starting to break down and we are becoming more comfortable with talking about it.

It’s funny in the 21st Century we feel more comfortable talking about being sick or feeling rough than we do about how our mental health is. Because mental health isn’t something you can see it’s down to the interpretation of the person – this keeps so many people trapped from talking about it.

It’s hard to explain something that feels like it only happens to you. Anxiety isn’t like the flu where everyone ends up having at some point.

It’s an illness that makes you feel isolated, you lose the motivation and things that used to make you so happy make you so scared to ever do.

From being in big crowds to going to certain places or even sitting exams. Anxiety takes over and it’s hard to explain what it’s like.

Anxiety can be more than just a mental process, it is a physical one to. I have had so many panic attacks over the year it’s a horrid thing to experience.

It feels like your heart won’t stop beating out of your chest. Your mouth goes dry and you can’t bring to words what is happening.

In one of the most recent episodes of 24 hours in A&E a woman was brought in to what they believe to be a heart attack. It was in fact an anxiety attack. If that doesn’t show how real and serious this can be I don’t know which other way to get it across.

If a friend of yours or your partner shows symptoms of anxiety really speak to them about it.

Find out what they are comfortable with and build on this. If they aren’t a fan of big crowds and they find it overwhelming then make sure you avoid them at all costs and work up until they feel comfortable.

Anxiety can be helped if the right steps of doing so are taken. But don’t throw them in the deep end with everything they aren’t comfortable with.

There are going to be good and bad days with their anxiety so understand that there will be days when they don’t want to talk or do much.

Don’t take it personally it’s the last thing they would want. It’s just when things become too much or overwhelming it’s hard to do a lot of the basic tasks.

To someone who doesn’t have anxiety this isn’t an easy thing to understand. It’s a mental illness that can really take control of the person’s life.

But the best way you can help is by educating yourself. Mind offer a great page on anxiety and ways you can help and who to speak to in times of need.

Anxiety isn’t something you can just cure with a bit of calpol it’s something that takes time to manage.

If you think you want to learn more about anxiety you can find infomraiton here.



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