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It’s very easy to spend X amount of money on clothes. I’m currently surrounded by Topshop and Misguided orders. Luckily some of it is going back as they aren’t stable pieces I really need.

It’s hard to break down the things you really need. We thought we would make it easier and tell you what things you really need to invest in when it comes to your wardrobe.

Tops and T-shirts

Top: Miss Selfridge Basic T-shirt £12

From tops to bags ,to those statement shoes, it’s time to get down to what you should be putting your money towards.

If we start with tops I am a true believer in getting the basics first. With the amount of plain and stripey tops I have I could open up my own shop.

Basic tops are that fail safe when you just need to chuck something on and they are perfect if you just want to layer everything on top. It’s also an easy avenue for accessories to come to play.

You can get these from almost every retailer, Topshop do a lot and if you want to get a real good deal Primark do some for a couple of quid. But they’re definitely something to invest in.


Jeans: ASOS Ridley Skinny Jeans £21

Jeans are another thing that are worth the pretty penny. I’ve shopped around and found some of the best places to invest in good quality jeans.

The best success from Topshop and ASOS but Misguided has come in pretty good as 3rd.

From your going out pair to that pair to just slouch around in these 3 retailers really do offer good quality.

With jeans you really want a quality pair because let’s face it there’s nothing worse then being in cheap jeans that don’t feel great nor do they really last.

Spend that extra couple of pounds get something that is worth your investment. I personally recommend the Jamie Topshop jeans. They sit at a nice length and I have gone through so many pairs of these without any issues.


Jacket: Noisy May Leather Look Biker Jacket £38

Coats and jackets are the next essential. Each season I take some much needed time to look at where the best places are to get that best jacket or coat.

For the colder months you want something practical that will work against the rain and cold. For the warmer months you want something that is light and won’t have you melting after a couple minutes in it.

A leather jacket is the perfect option. If you layer up enough underneath then this can work for Winter and still be great for Spring.

Currently I am in love with this one from ASOS it hangs a little higher than most leather jackets which means it’s won’t awkwardly keep on catching over your jeans or skirts. This also means it allows you to show off that flashy belt and not lose any of your outfit underneath the jacket.


Boots: New Look Chelsea Boots £27.99


Shoes is the one thing I cannot stress enough to invest in. I treat myself to new shoes every now and then as they are such an essential.

It’s important not to be wearing anything that is uncomfy so make sure you try it before you buy it.

A good pair of boots and trainers are my essentials when it comes to footwear. I live in heeled boots and Vans all the time because they’re so versatile.

At the moment I love these contrast style vans. They are limited stock at the moment but I’ve heard through the grapevine that they’re restocking soon. They are such an easy shoe to pair with any outfit and be comfy all day long.





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