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7 ways to save on your heating bill this winter

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The joys of the autumn warmth are now officially over as the first of the winter snow has dropped here in the UK. Although a rarity and usually not an annual sighting, it really does show that the temperature has well and truly plummeted.

For many of us, this means lots of cold nights in, huddled under blankets in order to try to save on our heating bills. T

hroughout summer, spring and the most part of autumn, a £20 top up can easily serve a good two to three weeks, depending on the size of the household.

But come winter, this can massively decrease as we are tempted by the warmth of the heating. Therefore, here are seven tips for saving as much money as possible on your heating bill!

Dress your home for winter

Decorating your home with the likes of rugs, curtains and blankets serves a bigger purpose than aesthetics.

The emptier the house, the colder it will be. If you have floorboards rather than carpet, this is even more so the case.

By investing in these warm decorations you will be giving your home the internal insulation it needs.

Invest in cosy clothes

Rather than turning on the heating, put on your warm cosy clothes. Grab your jumpers, slippers and dressing gown and cuddle up under a blanket.

The chances are you’ll eventually find yourself removing layers rather than wanting more heat.

Keep all doors shut

Keeping doors shut is probably the best way of keeping the heat in. Now obviously if you live in an open plan house, this can be rather difficult if you have no doors.

But if you do, make sure that you are closing them, especially the in likes of the kitchen and living room.

When you are cooking hot food, make sure you are really locking that heat in by closing the doors.

Use your curtains

Curtains are another really good way of keeping your house warm. Leave them open in the day to heat your house with natural sunlight and close them of an evening to lock the heat in.

If you happen to have radiators by your windows, tuck your curtains behind them in order to trap the heat.

Use hot water bottles

Hot water bottles are a great way to warm yourself up. Whilst they won’t heat up a room, they are handy to have around of a cold evening.

If you place them in your bed just before you get in, you can prepare for a cosy nights sleep.

Place tin foil behind radiators

Tin foil is a brilliant thing to have in your house. Not only is it the perfect cooking tool but place a sheet of it behind your radiator and it works as another type of insulator.

If you have the foil and a bit of sellotape then this little DIY trick costs next to nothing.

Without getting too scientific, the foil will act as a reflector to push the heat into the room rather than losing it through the wall.

Only use central heating at crucial times

Now obviously there are times when you have to cave and turn on the heating. But if you’re reading this post, you probably can’t afford to do so for long periods of time.

Learning how to maximize your usage is super important.

If you have a gas heater, you are can more than likely pre-set when the heating comes on. Try and set it up, so that it comes on of a morning just before you wake up. This way you don’t wake up to a cold house.

Once in the morning and once of an evening for an hour should allow your house to come up to heat.

If you have an electric radiator, whilst you probably can’t pre-set it, they warm up a lot quicker so you can still have a warm house. All you have to do after is use some of the above steps to help trap that heat in!



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